[Request] Unlock BIOS extra menus for Asus Zephyrus S GX701GVR


( I first posted this thread in the Bios Problem Section, my bad, but I don’t know how to delete it :confused: )

I recently got a new laptop featuring a video mux which allows switching between Optimus / GSync mode. This switch works by using a Windows app which restarts your computer.
As a GNU/Linux user, I want to get rid of my Windows install, so I started to look for the place of the “mux memory”. After a few Bios “dumps” and diffs using the dmidecode program, I found out that the switching option is Bios related.

I did a Bios bios dump using AMI tools, and found an option called Switchable Graphics. I guess this is what I’m looking for.

Then I decided to enable this option in my Bios. After reading and experimenting a lot with my laptop bios, i finally successfully flashed my bios after unlocking it using the Grub/Offset method.
I tried to make the new option appear , but it didn’t work. Nevertheless, I made another one disappear (just to test if the flash worked).
As I read a lot on this and other forums, it looks like I need to edit a “table” in order to enable the hidden menus.
Sadly, my bios structure doesn’t look like the ones i’ve seen on other threads, and I’m afraid to experiment on this.

Can someone take a look on the linked files (base dump, and modified one) and maybe help me unlocking all the options (I’ll hide the ones I don’t need later via AMIBCP)?
For info, my laptop uses ME V12, APTIO 5 (I guess), and I flashed using the Intel Tool (I don’t know if the AMI one works).

Here’s the link (even compressed, I can’t attach the files to this post) : https://mega.nz/#F!NeISwACT!kCdyuKUR4fVx2KyqhaFzXA

Thanks in advance!

Edit: I didn’t know that Aptio Bios V have supress code to disable menus. It looks like it’s the thing I’m looking for.