[REQUEST] Unlock for Insyde F.22 for HP ENVY 17

I am looking for assistance on accessing the advanced options for my bios. I’ve looked all over the web for solutions and all of them didn’t work for me. Hoping someone with more experience could assist me. Thanks!
BIOS Version: F.22 Rev.A
File from HP Website: sp111006.exe

The only Bios older is after 2015 (2017) , so it will be very difficult to modify this one, but you can try to ask to Sweet Kitten …

BIOSVersion:F.02 Rev.A - Operating systems:Windows 10 (64-bit) - Release date: Aug 7, 2017 - File name:sp81639.exe (9.8 MB)



I would try, but I’m afraid to harm, even though HP has an excellent recovery system.
To be honest, I have a serious lack of testers. It does not require a programmer (just to check if theres possibility). I remember that you own an HP laptop… So, your and @toddsims544 BIOS have the same protection version! Do you understand what I’m getting at? With your help, we could move forward with RSA protection. BUT, I do not commit to anything.

Yes bro , i agree with you and we will make it togheter !
I wrote in PM

Happy to do anything to help