[Request] Unlocked Acer Nitro 5 AN515-55 BIOS

can some one please mod the bios for me ? i want to unlock advanced settings but i dont know how to mod
specs :
rtx 3050

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Run the BACKUP_Tools program to obtain a backup of your BIOS (it’ll create results.rar archive on desktop). Also, I need a copy of your BIOS variables (run “GET VARS.bat” from this archive and share with me the output file “vars.txt”).


and the backup_tools gives me this error


Don’t know why. Some people tend to use not original Windows OS, maybe this causes all the problems?
Try using this: FPTW

yes i use optimized windows anyway these are the files
vars: https://www(dot)sendspace(dot)com/file/j82ka4
FPTW: https://www(dot)sendspace(dot)com/file/9uo9ym

A very optimized.
This is BIOS mod for you: ronixo.zip. Extract the contents of the archive to a separate folder.
1. Run “SET VARS.bat” and reboot.
2. Run “FLASH.bat”.