[Request] Unlocked ASUS X515DAP BIOS

I’m currently facing an issue with my ASUS AMI motherboard and was hoping to get some guidance from the community.

I’ve been attempting to apply a modded BIOS to my motherboard to enable hidden features, especially VGA Support which is hidden in bios settings(my motherboard both support UEFI AND BIOS but bios support is currently disabled). I try to used /GAN to flash the modded bios but no hope. I think because of the BIOS Lock but i have no idea how to unlock it. I really need to unlock it so i can flash it and use the hidden features

Here are some key details:

  • Motherboard: ASUS X515DAP
  • Current BIOS Version: 311
  • Desired Modifications: Enabling VGA support and other hidden features
  • Modding Tool Used: AMIBCP

here’s the picture of VGA Support i want to be unhidden and other hidden features:

This is AMI Aptio V core bios, the /GAN wont work here, very very few accept it, the /GAN is used in AMI Aptio IV core bios.
Options…AIsuite method, FPT tool method (Needs bios regions access) or CH341.
Also, AMIBCP may not reflect the changes in Aptio V as it was in Aptio IV as new bios needs additional changes in AMISETUPdata module.
The alternative tool is UEFI editor.

EDIT: Sorry i dont mod laptop bios. The AMISETUPdata is not to replaced its to edit, look in forum for other users same issue.

Since you obviously want to get an already modded BIOS, I have put your request into the better matching “BIOS Modding Requests” Category and customized the thread title.
Good luck!

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