[REQUEST] UUID and other info retrieval for corrupted BIOS

I was following this guide and hoping this updated Intel RST drivers would solve my “Platform unsupported” error when trying to install Intel driver packages and be able to wake up from Standby mode in Win 10.
Not able to use RAID ever since upgraded to Windows 10 and I read somewhere says Intel dropped support for X79/C600 chipsets. While I was able to install old version of RST, the RAID features were not there. And my Intel Power Module in device manager was never installed correctly. I wasn’t able to install modded drivers so I am trying to use this BIOS.
(Link removed) "[OFFER]ASUS-Sabertooth-X-UEFI-NVMe-support-w-optional-Bifurcation-uCode-OpROM"

The motherboard is Asus Sabertooth X79 BIOS 4701 with Winbond 25Q64BVA1G.
Asus Flashback doesn’t really accept my USB stcks and I tried more than 20 of them with all sizes FAT32 FAT16 Gparted Diskpart and Minitool and all.
After 16 hours of try and error the best I got was 4 minute and 30 seconds and a solid light error.
System no post no beep stops at CPU check light.
I thought I have the original BIOS dump but turned out I don’t.
FD44Editor doesn’t read my corrupted dump using CH341A programmer.

System is been down for 7 days now and I guess it’s time to call for some help.

Thanks in advance.

SabertoothX79_BIOS Request.rar (4.49 MB)

4701 official.rar (4.48 MB)

My motherboard label reads 000 007030-00972-MB09N0-D07 2002 (not sure which part is S/N)
Mac Address also recovered with UEFItool.
Can I just make up some UUID and boot the system?

Another label in the back reads C8M0AD716148
I think this is more like serial number