[REQUEST] Vivobook Pro 14 (M3401, AMD Ryzen 5000 Serie) - Bios SMU/Microcode upgrade

Hello guys,

sadly asus does not seem to be providing any bios updates for the M3401 laptop. Ive been having some wierd issues and I belive they might be related to SMU bugs.

I would be awesome if someone managed to update the stock bios to latest microcode/smu.

Here is the official bios: https://dlcdnets.asus.com/pub/ASUS/nb/Image/BIOS/105871/M3401QAAS305.zip

AGESA its a “Bitch”…Sry

So nobody is able to help out with this?

Cant the Ubu updater deal with updating the microcode for my platform?



I think that the microcodes in AGESA cannot be replaced manually, only the manufacturer can do that (another AGESA file). I tried to replace all three microcodes, but after the operation the UBU said that the BIOS file did not contain any microcodes at all. :frowning: