Hi All,

I have notebook Asus N56JR. I bought 32 GB Ram Mushkin (Mes3s160bm16g28x2), but notebook has black screen after power up. If I install one 16Gb module with my old 4Gb module, notebook runs showing in system info only 4 GB RAM, but in HWINFO I can see both module.
It is possible to upgrage bios for support this Mushkin 32Gb RAM? Asus doesn’t support this notebook since 2014 and didn’t plan.

Help me please how to solve this problem.

Big thanks.

As can be clearly seen at the laptop’s specifications, it supports DDR3L RAM up to 16GB. That means up to 8GB for each slot, thus 2x8=16GB.

Yes, i saw that, although my second notebook HP Elitebook 850 G1 supports, according to the manufacturer’s specifications, 2x8=16Gb too, but this Mushkin memory works fine on it. Intel wrote in processor specification that it support 32GB, 16GB per channel. I dont know why asus notebook mainboard doesn’t support this memory, and asus can’t explain me that. They only wrote, that this memory’s amout wasn’t tested and they didn’t plan upgrade my bios, that’s all.
I don’t have any ideas, and you?

No ideas, use 16GB on that laptop.