Restore-Replace motherboard original info - Corrupt Bios

Hello genius guys! I could easily say “magicians” with all the stuff one can read and find here!

I’m looking for a way to restore my motherboard’s original information like serial#, UUID, MAC, etc and merge it to a new bios .bin file for write back.

This was a board with a faulty bios chip which I dumped and dump seems corrupted. Looks like it has a large part of it erased, but there is some data remaining which I don’t have the knowledge to read or extract and so take the information I need from there, if any.
What I’ve done already is I have programmed the chip with a “generic” HP ProBook 4540s Intel UMA dump .bin file found over the internet and the board works OK but I would like to restore the correct factory information back in it.

Is this possible? Can someone help me on this?

Here is my original corrupted dump (18KB compressed) …I doubt it has any info remaining.

edit: information from stickers on the board and bottom cover are available, I just think job maybe is straightforward via the chip data instead of compiling the elements one by one. I assume that, since I’m not so experienced with this kind of mods.

Thank you for any help in advance!

Original Corrupted Dump.rar (17.7 KB)

Can someone please point me to a relevant guide about bios factory info repair/restoration (missing S-N, Lan ID, UUID etc Re-placement) with the required tools for HP laptops? (HM76-UEFI)
That way I may could try to repair the working dump I have already installed by replacing/adding the correct information over the zeros "00000000000000" I now have at some of those fields in my Bios "System info" page.

You could try to search up H2OEZE on this forum.