ROM advice for old notebook board


I would like to know if there is any use updating/adding several OROM’s to BIOS of my old machine with PM45 chipset.

Here is the link to latest publically available version of BIOS link (note that I’ll mod a later version of BIOS which is not publically available and not a full release like the one I linked)

1. I can’t see anything resembling an AHCI or RAID OROM in the bios image. But AHCI option is available in the BIOS and it works. Would adding Intel AHCI rom would have any benefit (like fast boot or better SATA performance)?

2. BIOS is a strange version of Phoenix SecureCore. It is not UEFI, but it is not an older generation thus cbrom or Phoenix Bios Editor doesn’t work with it. Only andyp’s tool can extract it (and identifies it as Phoenix - New). Thus I have no idea how to add a new (previously nonexisting) rom files to BIOS using andyp’s tool.

3. There are 8 oprom files in DUMP directory (from OPROM00.ROM to OPROM07.ROM). Some of them are useless. For example there is a VBIOS for intel gpu but the machine doesn’t have intel GPU. And There are 2 versions of (11.0 and 11.4) Broadcom LAN ROM. Can I replace them with option ROM of another device (like AHCI)?

Thanks for your consideration

@neidr :
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After having downloaded and extracted the linked BIOS by using AndyP’s PhoenixTool v2.66 my conclusion is, that any BIOS modding is not worth the time you will spend for doing it.
By the way: An update of the LAN Option ROM module is only useful, if you want to use the “Wake-on-LAN” option.

Dieter (alias Fernando)


I was planning to also mod things other than option ROMs and mess with it a little for excitement so time is not an issue. But you’re right there is no point modding ROM’s if they won’t do any good.