Series 6 F6 driver Windows XP 32bit

I’m looking for this driver to install Windows XP on my Thincentre M62e machine which has a series 6 chipset core i3 2120T processor.
I’m kinda struggling finding the right driver …
been looking through this tread but not finding any F6 driver…

@nex86 Welcome to the Win-RAID Forum!
Since Windows XP is an outdated OS, you should look into the start post of >this< thread.
The listed “Universal 32bit Intel RST textmode driver v11.2.0.1006 mod+signed by me” should work with your system.
Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

that sort of worked, I imported all drivers there using nlite and the setup was able to find my drive now.
I have another issue now, the second part of the installation (graphical part) now says that it can’t find the file
“Asms” from the path “globalroot\device\cdrom0\i386”
I was able to continue by putting “D:\i386”, I had to repeat this with several other files.
After first boot, Windows seemed incomplete and there was a lot of missing stuff.
I have the same problem when using the original disk and SATA set to IDE mode. So I don’t think its a problem with nlite or the driver integration process.

I’m using a USB DVD drive since I’m installing this on a mini PC that has no optical drive.

Any ideas?

Look here for a solution: The file "asms"on Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 CD is needed. - Windows XP Home and Professional

I did what they suggested with copying the I386 folder to the hard drive and using C:\I386 as folder.
its the same thing as what I tried before… theres a lot of stuff missing. no explorer and nothing.

I know its not the ISO because its fine when I install it on a VM.

made an usb with easy2boot now it works.