Set BIOS variables in modded rom?

Hello all,

I’ve been digging through tons of posts, great guides on various aspects of modding and tools needed. I’m am working with a ASRock X99M Killer 3.1 board and I have successfully modded the original BIOS file to add in my own custom logo during boot using UBU and Changelogo. I would like to do more to the BIOS file before I use it to flash a BIOS. I have to flash around 10 a day and would like to not have to go into the BIOS on every system and make all my setting changes and save and exit. I would like to be able to mod the BIOS file itself with these changes and then be able to use that file to flash and be on my way to save some time.

Is there a guide somewhere that I just can’t find because I’m not searching for the correct terms that would give me a breakdown of what each section in the BIOS is and how to modify only say whether Spread Spectrum was enabled or disabled, or have a supervisor password embedded into the BIOS. Is there anything out there that someone can point me to that would help me achieve this on my own. I would really like to learn and I have systems I can play with without fear of bricking anything. Would it be best to get a prom reader and make my settings, then pull the info off the prom and then save it somehow so it can be used to reflash the systems with the info I want?

Thanks in advance.