[Solution] Win7/8.1 Drivers for USB 3.0/3.1 Controllers of new AMD Chipset Systems

Very interesting that there may be a possibility to modify drivers to enable 7000 series to work on Win 7. Hopefully some brave (and wealthy) person can try it out! With the correct board, all features should work. Worst case the wifi card will need to be replaced.

Dear Canonkong

I wanted to thank you for all your efforts it has been awesome to run Win7 on my 5950x. I cannot believe how fast and snappy it feels.

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@ canonkong
Will these chipset drivers work for any of the MSI B650 boards,or just the MAG B650M Mortar, and are there any modified drivers for the X670 chipsets?

It is very simple to modify the AMD USB driver. Use the AMD USB driver, and then edit the INF to add the USB device ID you need. Because in addition to modification, digital signature is a problem. You need to have a digital signature certificate.

Driver can support all amd ryzen platform,not b650 only.


Thunderbolt 4 - AddInCard or USB4 can not work because they not have a correct driver.

Yes, wrx80 already tested. It is working fine.


This is insane, thanks for sharing!
It looks like that there is a good chance that 5995wx will work also…

You recommend MSI as always?

Thank you! I will try doing that! So basically my main hurdle would be the driver signature verification (Which, iirc, can be disabled without much ill-effects)

Recommend MSI as always becasue I can contact MSI staff to report the BIOS bug and they will try to fix. I also found ASUS Gigabyte ASRock to report the BIOS bug, but they ignore me.


Thanks master!

Thank you canonkong for all your hard work!

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Hello, Can someone send a link how to properly integrate drivers into Windows 7 SP1 iso


I am very sorry, is it possible to use win7 on Ryzen 5700G and what MB prefered? (better witn 8 sata)
Is it possible to use integrated GPU?

Welcome to the Win-RAID Forum!
>Here< is the requested link.
Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

Mr. Kong updated driver and topic header.
You are the best! Thank you so much!

Thank you canonkong for updating drivers!

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Thanks Canonkong for all your hard work!

Has anyone found a good AM5 board to buy? All of the higher end boards use ALC4080 which apparently is Windows 10 only, other boards use ALC897 which is much worse than ALC1220 of AM4 generation.

Or is there a way to get audio out of ALC4080 in Windows 7?

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The MAG-B650M-MORTAR-WIFI that Canonkong is using on the first page of this thread has a Realtek ALC4080. Since his device manager shows sound drivers and no ?, the drivers must exist and are probably in his download package, but Canonkong would have to confirm this.

The driver package include the ALC408x series sound driver. Even you buy a mainboard install win7 appear A5 BSOD,I also can mod BIOS or use MOD acpi.sys to solve it.


So to be clear ALC4080 drivers will work with win7 if you modify acpi.sys?

For example B650M Mortar - sound works correctly? Or at least fallback USB2 mode?