[SOLVED] ASUS G751JY Bricked BIOS recovery

I’ve recently bought a old g751jy and tried to flash the most recent bios for it (213) through winflash, the progress bar stuck at 10% erasing and the laptop shut down itself. It was completely dead, no lights and no power at all so i could not attempt the emergency flash. Then i opened it to eliminate the possibility of any hardware issues and found nothing with the multimeter so clearly the bios was the only thing preventing it from working. Then i looked some tutorials, ordered a CH341A programmer and made a backup of the corrupted bios, flashed one i’ve found online and the laptop is working fine but i don’t know how to use the corrupted image to create a new working one with correct serials etc. I hope someone can help me figure this out, thank you all in advance! here’s the links for both bioses: corrupted one Corrupted.Bin - Google Drive and the good one G751JY.BIN - Google Drive

I’ve modded your “Corrupted.bin” rom file replacing the proper “Bios Region”.

Try this if you wish.

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Thanks!! I will be able to test it in 1 or 2 hours. I wonder, was the bios region the only one bricked?

It`s working but the serial still EB0WU10279645A and the og one as stated in microsoft device list were F6N0WU028096230

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Your corrupted dump doesnt have the original Asus DATA on it anymore, the web file has data on it.

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So it’s better to stick with this one? Also only now i noticed that it was named as a g751jt on microsoft, but the motherboard it’s a g751jy rev 2.5, so maybe the bios was already messed up with before and thats what caused the first issue when i tried to update it.

Well of course it not the ideal, it would be better if you could use your original system data… but theres no miracles here, do you have a previous backup/dump before the flash, you dont right?
So thats it…you got the machine alive…
And what you see from MS its correct, the DMI reading (the one you dont have anymore), indeed its an G751JT, now with bios 202 from the web dump you collected.

EDIT: You’re in a lucky day, i found the data on a different location than the usual place… ill PM you the data.


OK I was already assembling it :stuck_out_tongue: here we go again

Just flashed the Bios with modified data, now serial and everything is correct, only ME seems to be gone but as long as it don’t mess other things up i’m ok with that. Also downloaded and sucessfully upgraded to bios 213! Thank you all again!!! Cheers

ME probably need to be refreshed according to this guide:

You transfered an ME that was initialized on another machine, that might lead to a not correct working ME on this machine.

Machine specific data were in the padding after NVRAM at 0x230000, not an unusual place for older notebooks.

GbE should contain a MAC address, but there’s a dummy both in own bricked machine and the foreign image. What NIC does this machine have and do you experience any problems with networking?

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Will try next time i open it up for repaste! Everything seems to be working fine, the NIC is 14-DD-A9-4A-FF-AC
I was able to isolate old ME with FIT but i don’t know if it’s damaged or not so i can rebuild with working bios.

We can follow lbf6 advice and dont worry because personal recovered data system has nothing to do with cleaning and flashing ME.

But what happen here was, a complete SPI programming and the ME FW region is now the old version from the web dump, normal.
Corrupted dump had a more recent and latest 9.0 branch, ME than the web dump
So with the system now having latest bios update 213, the Asus bios update files wont touch the ME region, its normal that its still using the old ME, you can clean/rebuild it or flash again the latest ME FW image, if the ME status is OK, read both guides and use proper tools/switch’s.

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Update: i was feeling sleepless tonight so i decided to mess with ME :laughing:, long story short i took previous patched bios from Sylar76 edited bios region with the info MeatWar found and voilà ME is now fixed. Then i double checked and forced update to both bios and me through software, everything checks out.


:+1: thanks for the feedback!