[Solved] Intel ME and Shutdown Problems with GA-H55M-S2V

hi , i have same problem and do same thing as shown here but getting “fparts.txt” file not found error? any help

That file belongs and is needed for the tool… look insider her and you’ll understand why…

EDIT: Run the tool on the root drive with simple folder name and as CMD ADMIN
The tool needs the ME windows driver installed.

D1. Old Intel MEI Drivers and Software MEI Drivers and Software v6.2.50.1062 (ME 6)

file exist, it contains settings and perimeters for app .it is inside folder with app itself .have no idea why it can’t be find .it is txt format

Please describe detailed what you’re doing / trying to accomplish and on which board / which bios version.

Make a screenshot of the error in a way that one can read the command that was entered, too!

board h55m s2v rev1.4 not shutting down , from win10 only win shuts down bud psu and board stay on .have to press pow button to shut down .download intel managment tools. fptw 6.0 version for h55 systems .run command promt as admin and start fptw. then download fixed spi.bin for this board . comand fptw -f spi.bin and error 75 sayes missing fparts.txt file that exist in folder

  • Which version ot the tools are running?
    Intel ME System Tools v6 CCK r1 or Intel ME System Tools v6 IBX r2?

  • Attach your fparts.txt

  • Post a screenshot of the output of fpt(w) -i

Flash Programming Tool(Windows): ibxr2

have driver intel managment driver install but it says device cen not start

Sir… can you please pay attention to what your doing… your’re playing with a bit “dangerous” tool if you dont operate it correctly, be warned.

Now… does the FPT tool, belongs to the MS Windows operating system???
C:\Windows\System32 ???
Is this where the tool is located???
Lets start using “the brain” a little bit more, can you?

yes , tool is located in win folder with all components including fparts.txt

Good for you, you’re the man, cheers!

Unusual way to have all in \windows\system32 ??

Since your ME seems to be corrupt the driver isn’t gonna loaded properly. That won’t let many ME tools work properly. In addition windows is often writing into NVRAM but you’re wanting to rewrite the complete firmware including NVRAM

I recommend creating a bootable USB stick with DOS and using the DOS versions, especially for that old systems.

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