[Sort-of Solved] Getting MSDM Key from Bios Dump


I managed to get a unlocked Bios for a Lenovo Z710 Notebook. However - after flashing the new Bios the MSDM Key is gone. I do have a Backup-dump of the original Bios, but found no way to extract the key. Only thing I found is "MsdmAddress".

Any way to get my hands on the key again?


I’ve flashed my Biosdump back so the system is now running the unmodified version. However I’m still not able to see an MSDM Table with RWE, just a SLIC Table - but I don’t know if this is a remain of the old bios. I doubt it since flashing the whole dump back with fptw should do the trick I thought?!

Edit: Nevermind… I’ve 2 Z710 that I thought both came pre-loaded with Win8.1 - however only 1 did… My bad

If you need key, you have to provide BIOS dumps, otherwise no one can look for you
Often, copy of key is in padding too, but since you did not mention exact model or provide any dumps, no one can check to help tell you where anything is