SPI Programming W25Q64FV with Raspi


I’m currently trying to program my chip which is mounted on C910 Laptop Mainboard with Raspi 1 and flashrom. I disconnected the battery and power as well as let it connected or used raspi 3.3V power. However, the Chip is not detected (it says 0x00 for every output). spidev0.0 is loaded though. So I measured Voltages, and checked if the chip is powered of. My Raspi has correct 3.3V at pin 17, I tripplechecked my wiring and my chip has only 30mV on CLK (pin 6) and DI (pin 5) which I believe is not relevant.

So I’m out of ideas. Can anyone give me a hint what to check further?

Mind to show us (with photos) your circuit? Also did you soldered wires directly to chip, used clips, or the chips was removable (in a socket)?

I’ve always used this technique for some bios mods and never encountered problems

Pic 1
Pic 2

Do you have a breadboard so you can easily create the whole (more “safe”) circuit? In the meantime I’m checking your wiring again

Wiring updated, I made an error because I wrote too fast.


no, I have not. But I measured MOSI and MISO + GND an I definitely have a peak in signal when running flashrom. on MISO I have constant 0.7V and a peak when flashrom tries to detect the chip. on MOSI I have a short decrease in voltage at the time of chip detection. So it seems to me the chip is responding to the SPI Signal von the Raspi.

From your plan can see I have mixed probably up the 6 and 5. I have it the other way round: 6>23 and 5>19.

Ups, sorry you are right I write that to fast and I mistyped, sorry xD

Your wiring is right!


okay, so, assuming the SPI interface is working, the driver also works (shows up in raspbian as spidev0.0 and 0.1) and the chip is not toasted yet (it still boots) where might the problem be?