Success in the MSI Z270 motherboard lit 8700K!

I do not speak English. The following information is translated from Google.
Has been tested: overclocking normal, the first pciex16 normal, igpu normal, normal voltage, normal memory!



Success in the MSI Z170 motherboard lit 8700K!

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Although we can change the BIOS support 8700K! But if you do not want your motherboard damaged, please do not use I5 8400 I7 8700K on the motherboard such as H110 \ B150 \ B250 \ Z170 \ Z270! This is a stupid way, your CPU motherboard pins will be physically damaged!

Hi guys,
bare in minds this process is still UNDER DEVELOPMENT so to speak.
Details can be found here: Coffee-lake Cpus on Sky/Kaby-Lake chipsets

How did you manage to flash the BIOS? All I get is a .bin file and the mobo doesnt want to flash it. Seems to work with A90 file type instead