Supermicro X10SLH-LN6TF needs to be unlocked.

We have a bunch of X10SLH-LN6TF motherboards. The bios is password locked. I have dumped the bios using flashrom on linux, but no idea how to edit uefi bios . Perhaps someone can assist with removing the bios password?

Thank you for your time. (4.13 MB)

@ezsolutionsinc - This is best asked at forum. The only way I know how to remove password, if and when it works, is to flash stock BIOS onto chip and doing that will cause you to loose system specific info (Serial, UUID, LAN MAC ID etc - and NVRAM which you have to be careful, pass could be there)
Unless you copied all that out from a dump on each into a stock BIOS, then reprogrammed in that mod-stock BIOS. That would be huge pain to do to a lot of boards at once, how many is a bunch?

You can test this, to see if works or not, then decide what you want to do, if no help at BIOS-mods forum.
Dump BIOS with programmer so you have backup made, program in stock, see if password removed or not, if not then program back original dump and help will be required to find chip where password is stored and how to remove.
If it works, then password is stored in BIOS and you’ll have to do what I mentioned above on a per machine basis, or get help at forum to remove password

We don’t have stock from the manufacturer as it was a custom board. We have 4 boards total, but have spi programmers.

@ezsolutionsinc - Stock BIOS for test like I mentioned should be available for download at Supermicro’s site, if not send them an email they will give you stock BIOS (I guess not, due to what I see in link below, sorry )
I see here, flashing BIOS will indeed clear password too -…oftlayer.23054/
Also, sounds like user UXSServers there, will send you BIOS in PM or email, contact him and get BIOS to flash, email in last post

Stock bios does not exist for this board. Because it is a custom board from supermicro. Unix Surplus does not have it either, there is multiple postings at servethehome forums regarding this. That is why this post was made. We have done the research already. From viewing the uefi bios, we can see the password is stored in the rom. It is not stored on the board, i am just not sure how to decrypt it as its not stored as secure XOR, unless our guys ran the wrong script.

I can decode the password from your dump, but not for free.
Contact me in PM.

@DeathBringer - Thank you!
I need to learn stuff like this location in BIOS so I can clear, don’t care about finding actual values, only clear out for others. I get asked often and can only send them your forums direction
Once you guys are done here, I will ask you my possible suspicion entry to clear, if you don’t mind confirming or denying for me that would be great

The password can be cleared from BIOS dump. The location is always different. And a hardware programmer is needed to flash.
Sometime (like this case) the password can be decoded as a plain text. So flashing isn’t needed.

Thanks! Yes, I assumed it could be cleared, since others said flashing BIOS cleared it out.
Plain text makes it much easier, so he’s lucky!

Important note: Lenovo and Toshiba notebooks use separate chips for passwords. So passwords can’t be cleared by BIOS mod.

Thanks, yes, someone taught me a little about Lenovo chip and passwords, I think maybe Toshiba info was in that too. Such a pain!
I almost always just tell users to ask over at your forums for stuff like this, you guys are Pro’s at password removing

We have the hardware programmers to flash all bios types here. We running full featured computer services corp with retail store front. But none of my staff here knows how to do uefi bios password removals. So thats why we asked.

@ezsolutionsinc - DeathBringer can remove for you, he’s admin of the forum I mentioned for you to ask at initially ( forum)
He can help you for sure And you wont need to flash or program BIOS in this case, he will tell you the current password

@Lost_N_BIOS , Thank you. I’m sure we’ll be making more posts in the future. Always have items for repair here.

@ezsolutionsinc - You’re welcome! And yes, for sure, stop in any time, I can usually help with lots of BIOS issues (but not passwords )
My specialty is unlocking BIOS menus, mainly AMI Aptio IV or Aptio V, but can also do “Some” Insyde menus as well. And I can also update most any BIOS type internals (roms, microcodes etc)
I can also usually rebuild a BIOS for you from a bricked dump, and preserve system details into new BIOS, if dump isn’t too badly corrupted or can put back in from stickers, if dump is too badly corrupted.