Supermicro X7DCA-L attempt hittting a hitch...

Hey folks. First timer here, attempting to update the Intel oROM included with the most recent firmware for a couple of systems I have that use this motherboard:

Manufacturer: SuperMicro
Model: X7DCA-L
BIOS: Phoenix
URL for most recent bios: (Link) Note It will pop the disclaimer and you click accept and it will download
Southbridge: ICH9R

I downloaded the bios, and the tools and attempted to use CBROM to view the contents of the file (/D). When I used the 198 version, it just hangs:

C:\biosmod\working>CBROM.EXE X7DCAL1.215 /D
CBROM.EXE V1.98 [08/27/08] (C)Phoenix Technologies 2001-2008
( <=== I hit ctrl-c to quit )

If I use the older 1.55 release, I get something a bit different, but there's something wrong...

C:\biosmod\working>CBROM_155.EXE X7DCAL1.215 /D
CBROM_155.EXE V1.55 [10/12/05 Release] (C)Phoenix Technologies 2001-2005
******** X7DCAL1.215 BIOS component ********
No. Item-Name Original-Size Compressed-Size Original-File-Name
========================================10000h(64.00K)==.&#8735;!$º&#8976;ù2&#9565;;DÉ============ 0. System BIOS FF00B555h(4177965.33K)
Total compress code space = 07506h(29.26K)
Total compressed code size = 10000h(64.00K)
Remain compress code space = FFFF7506h(4194269.26K)
** Micro Code Information **
Update ID CPUID | Update ID CPUID | Update ID CPUID | Update ID CPUID

Any pointers certainly appreciated!!

Hello Jim,

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Please give me some time to do a deeper look into the BIOS you have linked and to find a way to update the included Intel RAID ROM.
As you have already realized, the tool CBROM is not able to open all Phoenix type BIOSes.


I have never modded a Phoenix BIOS, but i opened it in Phoenix BIOS Editor, and i was able to replace the RAID ROM (OPROM03.ROM) with the latest and build it, there where however some warnings when i opened it,
but i’m not sure exactly what their meaning was.
Just a tip, if you want to try for yourself.…

@ hendryjl:

It is obviously impossible to modify the Phoenix BIOS by using any of the usual Phoenix/Award tools like CBROM.
I recommend to follow Pacman’s advice.

Good luck!

Download detected a virus in one of the installation resource files… (McAfee). Known false positive or genuine? If so I can setup a closed sandbox VM and use it there.

I would say false positive, i have it installed and just scanned my system with Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit BETA, Anti-Malware, Panda Cloud Cleaner & Windows Defender all with latest defenitions, they don’t detect anything.

I change the module OPROM03.BIN (with Phoenix BIOS Editor, tnx Pacman) from version 8.9 first to v10.5 and second to v11.2, but no luck - after "succesfull flashing" my MB X7DCA-L start normally, but without a message about "Ctrl-I" to enter in the MSM-RAID menu.
I restore to original BIOS 1.2a ((((
Any idea about using Phoenix BIOS Editor in the procedure "Change module" ?..

P.S. tnx Fernando - some years ago i succesfull mod BIOS in my Asus P5K-R to use new 3TB-hdd!

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Can you please attach the original and the modded "pure" BIOS files as .ZIP or .RAR archive?
Dieter (alias Fernando)


x7dcal_orig_modded.rar (1.26 MB)

maybe, this thread contain answer to my stupid questions, guys?.. :
@ nicoach:
Hello Nicolas,
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Zitat von nicoach im Beitrag #1I’m trying to create a 3Tb RAID1 volume with two 3Tb hard drives but the RST aplication tell me: “The OROM version is not compatible with volumes greater than or equal to two terabytes”
I have been looking for how to update the OROM version but I have found info for many RAID Chipset models other than mine. Do you know if is possible to update the OROM versión to my RAID Controller?

Your old Intel ESD SATA RAID Controller DEV_2682 would not work with an Intel RST RAID ROM v10.5.x.x.xxxx or higher, because all Intel RST RAID ROM modules are designed for being used with an “Intel(R) Desktop/Workstation/Server Express Chipset SATA RAID Controller” having the DeviceID DEV_2822/282a.
That is why an update of the Intel RAID ROM version of your Intel D5400XS BIOS will be useless.
If you want to use the full capacity of your 3TB HDDs, you either have to run them in IDE mode or connect them with another (more actual) Intel RAID system.

But, …hope dies last :wink:

No, my old reply to Nicolas is not valid for you.
As I just have checked, your attached BIOS files (the original and the modded one) both contain Intel RAID ROM modules for the same sort of Intel SATA RAID Controllers (DEV2822).
So you should be able to update the Intel RAID ROM version of your mainboard BIOS from MSM v8.9.1.1002, which is within the file named OPROM03.ROM of the original BIOS, to any RST RAID ROM from v10.5.x.xxxx up.
The inserted Intel RST RAID ROM v10.5.1.1070 is now within the file named OPROM07.ROM.
Possible reason for your failure to get access to the Intel RST RAID Utility: Your BIOS is not able to load a >100 KB sized Intel RAID ROM module. If I should be right, I recommend to insert the latest much smaller sized Intel RST RAID ROM module v10.1.0.1008.
Unfortunately this module will not give your system the support of >2 TB sized RAID Volumes.

No, my old reply to Nicolas is not valid for you.


This is good!

But i change only OPROM03.ROM !!! How this module insert into oprom07 ?!

size was ~66kB



OK, i try this variant tomorrow

but give me TRIM for SSD?..

Yes, size 8086-2822_v10511070_mod-for-TRIM-in-RAID0.bin - 119KB (original in oprom03 - 66Kb), so maybe BiosEditor push down oprom3 to be the last in sequence of oprom’s (imho).

So, that’s all? Only external raid adapter? Or gibt es einige settings to change level of compression, etc?.. I’m use PhoenixBiosEditor first time, and not undstn the logic of any change inside the BIOS (((

PS: my bios has two oprom’s for RAID - Intel and Adaptec (CodeBase in terminology SuperMicro’s BIOS), in original version of BIOS - Intel in oprom03, Adaptec in oprom06. In the Bios menu i can change this CodeBase under Menu “SATA Mode - Enhanced - RAID”.

I change oprom03 with 8086-2822_v10101008_TRIM-in-RAID0-mod.bin - 85KB
So, this <100KB, but oprom03 however go down to last position


So it is possible - REMOVE all oproms, and then ADD from 00 to 07 manually ? To prevent change position of modules?

The position doesn’t matter. It is absolutely normal, that any added Option ROM will come into the last position.

hmm, why is it not working? I say about flashed v10.5/v11.2 (v.10.1 yet not flashed). Where is the limitation of "100KB" ?

According to CodeRush there is a special "loader" within the BIOS, who has the task to load the Intel RAID ROM while booting to make it available via CTRL+I. Some very old versions of this "loader" are not able to load Intel RAID ROM modules, which are bigger sized than ca. 100 KB. At that time nobody thought about the ability of the "loader" to load >85 KB sized Intel RAID ROM modules, because none of the Intel MSM RAID ROM modules exceeded 80 KB.
By the way: Only the mainboard manufacturer is able to solve this problem.