Swapping MXIC with Windbond

Hi, i have an Asus x455ld laptop which has MXIC MX25L6473E BIOS IC, i tried to replace it because the chip is corrupted. I have the bios backup but it is hard to find the exact replacement for MXIC MX25L6473E in my country, is it okay if i replace it with Winbond W25Q64FVSSIG since it has similar specification?

It will true, both 3.3 V. You can change to this chip.
UPD. I recommend for Asus in status register SR1 set bit 9 to “1”.
This is the bit QE, Quad Enable.
0000 0010 - 0000 0000
My mobo Asus H81M-E don`t start without this bit.

the thing is, my laptop bios is bricked and i don’t have BIOS backup dump from my laptop, i read from this post ASUS X55A - restore SN, UUID, MAC address, i have to edit several info like SN, UUID, and MAC Address, my question is, is there any other info that i should replace other than SR1?

If you reestablished private data in BIOS, you don`t need any actions.
SR1 only for just in case. Good luck.

hi, how to edit the status register? i tried to search it with HxD but not found anything

I without tranlater, my language russian.
I use Colibri. I like Siberian programmer too.
Its only for CH341 programmer, hardware method. Software unavailable.
P.S. I sad, for you, may be without SR. I told about my BRAND mobo, my mobo dont start with usually BIOS H81M-E, v.2103, only with special BIOS v.0803. Difference, LOM, my i-1217, other Realtek. P.P.S. My mobo named M51AD, computer whole from 2014. And I can say, our **Sonix** had problem with *desktop* Asus mobo. About notebook - I dont know.

uhm okay, i’ll try flashing it and put it into my notebook