The system does not shut down properly and has ME error....need an urgent solution

We know the firmware works, proven at your report after I provided the fixed firmware. So everything else, within Windows, is because you have no drivers installed, background programs interfering and so on. Provided that the firmware is indeed healthy (MEInfo, MEManuf), it should work under DOS. Add “-generic” to the end of the update command.

will be updating, soon

Had been sick for a long time, so couldn’t solve the issue.
I have uploaded a screenshot of current issue, that is, I am unable to update any driver for ME in windows nor in BIOS


There is nothing new to suggest. Make sure the firmware is ok by reflashing the fixed SPI. You should then be able to install drivers and (optionally) update via FWUpdate, as discussed above.

DOS update says:
"Error 8714: Firmware update not initiated due to file [] open or read failure
What could be the reason ?
Save me…I cannot find any clue


By using FITC if I load a ME firmware different from what you have given me(spi_fix.bin), is there any chance that I can brick my MB.

I have uploaded the file, kindly, have a look.

Will I be able to flash the whole BIOS with this bin file ?


Does the value of Local FWU Overridde Counter has to be 1, in order to update ME FW using FWUpdate manually ?


If Local FWU Override Counter is set to -1 and Local Firmware Override Qualifier is set to 0, firmware updates are always allowed regardless of the settings in MEBx.

By changing the FW with FW in FITC, I was able to remove Device Manager issues. was conflicting with IMEI v6.0.0.1149 which caused fwupdate to malfunction.
I even updated to using fwupdate .

Thanks to eveyone in this group, I learned a lot.
Regards !!!

I have got the same issue "Flash image Unrecognized binary format! " when trying to load the bios file with FITs 9.1r7. I downloaded on the official website I don’t know how to fix it. Please help me fix it.

Hi Electro, would you kindly provide me with the final file you used to reflash your BIOS for your GA-H55M-S2V version 1.4 please ? I’ve installed Windows 10 and I have the same issues with Engine Management warnings and fans not stopping at shut down. If you could guide me with the procedure and programs required also please. I’ve been pulling my hair on this one for several days and your the only one who seems to have found a solution. Thank you in advance.