[Tool] Flashrom v1.2 [DOS] [AMD]

Hello, so by removing AmdSpiRomProtectDxe from the bios, any agesa 1.2.x.x could use flashrom in any means? is it only AmdSpiRomProtectDxe, or the entire AmsSpiRomProtect modules (normal, dxe, and Pei)?

Well the other modules don’t exist (i searched for the GUID) in the SPI flash image so i just removed the only one that exist and flashrom worked again.The bios P1.80A of the deskmini X300 has AGESA so that it should work on any AGESA 1.2.x.x but when i can get my hands on the hardware i need to flash a WSON8 chip i can also test this on a Asus X570I motherboard.
Here is what CHIPSEC say after removing AmdSpiRomProtectDxe:

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i am wondering if removing the amdspiromprotectpei is necessary too for the bios that have it