[TOOL] Lenovo (H20) Bios Unlocker and Locker

I’m just guessing by the “specified privilege” it needs to be run in administrative mode.

Nope, you need 44WW for this type of unlock…
if you want to unlock the 47WW, you need to edit the bios and flash back the old way…

same error brother

Gday, I have legion 5 pro 16ACH6H bios version GKCN53WW.
Could you provide 50WW Version so i can use to flash back and allow BIOS Unlocker for XMP Use?

Is there any support for GKCN53WW+ (Legion 5 Pro 16ACH6H - 2021) coming? I only want Custom BIOS to allow XMP to be turned on for the RAM I’m going to buy for added performance and that’s literally it - Can you offer this? I can pay you to make this happen :D?

What an awesome creation and achievement by someone. I wish a coder could make a one stop bios unlocker like this one for all Razer laptops.

Hey. Unfortunately Windows will always force flash the 53WW bios. Also as things stand, XMP, RAm timing and any overclocking settings will not work on non-unlocked Ryzen 5000 chips. (5X00H).

Is it an AMD Razer laptop? Try give this tool a go:

Hi, im getting this error whenever i open the unlocker.exe: “The code execution cannot proceed because MSVCP140.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.” I already reinstalled it but that doesnt work. Pleas someone help me.

You need to update your Visual C++ runtime.
Here’s a link that will get you the most up to date one:

No. My laptop is a 2021 Blade Advanced with the Intel i9 11900H. Thanks for replying.

Worked on Lenovo Legion 5 - 17IMH05H Bios Version-EFCN48WW

Thanks alot lampardrobi, trying this and will leave feedback.
I have an Alienware M15 r5 5800H 3070 16gb switched mem to hyperx 2666 cl15 spd but sorrowfully xmp isnt allowed!!! even got taiphoon burner (paid) and found both stock and hyperx kits are EEPROM spd write protected! i freaking hate dell and asus

This laptop is identical InsydeK20 bios like lenovo so i’m hoping someone can help? (SPI last resort)
This is the famous disabled 3070 cores Jarrod’s Tech 3070 dell scandal cause of fail dell engineering (cheating!)
i got it cause it was massively discounted december 21 roughly after cashback of 10% 1350$ in usd (converted from aud) basically the 3060 exact model or even Dell G5 equivalent are higher price!!! lol

Hi @AARCH64_EL3 can I have source code too?

Hi, check on the old post, I remember Uploading here, so you should be able to find it

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Hi, i really need your help, i forgot my bios pass on legion 7 (16ACHg6), is it possible to fix?

Unlocked on BGCN33WW (L340-17IRH)

But I am afraid to change something.
I am thinking enabling XMP but I have read some comments here saying it will brick.
I am on Intel system and do have the option.

I’ve noticed something interesting. I have an Ideapad 3-15IML05 with a BIOS version that’s over a year out of date (DXCN28WW). Wasn’t planning on doing the unlocking procedure due to the risk involved but I was still curious whether the BIOS for this laptop was even supported. I just snagged the latest BIOS update (DXCN41WW, released in January 2022) from Lenovo’s website and extracted the BIOS.fd file. Opening it with UEFITool and searching for “cE!” yielded no results. Now, I would’ve stopped there if it wasn’t for my curiosity. I downloaded the previous BIOS update (DXCN39WW, released in October 2021), extracted it using the same procedure and did the UEFITool search. To my surprise, this time it returned 2 matching results in DebugPageDxe and H2OFormBrowserDXE, confirming that this particular BIOS version is supported.

So, to summarize, it seems that Lenovo has patched (or at least altered) the BIOS unlocking procedure in their latest BIOS updates. For anyone looking to update, make sure to check your BIOS for support if you plan on using this tool. I also apologize if this is old news, haven’t really read much of the thread.

Hi all, so Windows updated my bios of the legion 7 16IGH6g with the 11980HK and 3080 before I started to look on how to unlock the bios. I turned on the bios flashback setting but can’t find a previous version of the bios I need. Can someone link me a previous version or will I need to wait until this gets updated?


Google searching this model number comes up with nothing for me. What is your Machine type? mine is 82JU, look for something similar, and I will get you the BIOS.