TPM chip or Intel TPE / PTT not working suddenly on Asus Vivobook S510UN. Also need a BIOS mod

Hi there, I have a Vivobook S510UN with specs - i5 8250U / 8GB / MX150 and UHD 620. It shipped with Win 10 also dual booting MacOS versions without any issues using Opencore.
Lately when Win 11 was introduced and since this model is supported and also mentioned on Asus support site, I thought of upgrading to Win 11 but I noticed in Win Update screen it shows - This PC doesnt meet the minimum requirements to run Win 11. It shows the same with PC health check app. The reason shown was TPM 2.0 not detcted.
After a lot of tinkering, I was surprised to see TPM chip not getting detected under Device Manager (had yellow exclamation) and also under tpm.msc. I checked the BIOS (which is already latest - 309) but was not able to find any Trusted Computing / PTT or TPM options. Somewhere i read that it uses the Intel processor inbuilt TPM functionality?
Since i failed to mitigate the issue, I formatted the HD, also removed MacOS and reinstall Win 10 but same issue persists. Also updated all of the latest drivers available but still the issue persisted.
Then I created Win 11 installer, booted to iso but while setup it shows PC not compatible.
Afterwards i created Win 11 installer using Rufus and check the bypass option which checks minimum requirements and was able to install Win 11 without any issues. But even after installing, the TPM issue persists.
I tried using Update driver option under Dev Manager but it results in BSOD showing SYSTEM_PTE_MISUSE
Since I want to use Bit-locker, I need the TPM option.
I think installing Hackintosh must have somehow corrupted the TPM region or Intel ME firmware issues?
Attaching screenshots.

Help is appreciated!

(Hwinfo.HTM - Google Drive)

Theres some Hackintosh mods that do that…and it needs to flash/disable some parts in the Bios/ME FW regions…your fault only and only you now, knows whats was done to the machine.
Usually forcing the reflash on/with an original Asus bios wont correct the issues on ME FW image of the system and TPM is related to it.

I see 2 solutions in my opinion:
Clean/re-initialize the ME or re-program the SPI.


Re-program the system is done with an SPI Programmer/Flasher, not for unskilled users.
[[Guide] Using CH341A-based programmer to flash SPI EEPROM - BIOS/UEFI Modding / BIOS Modding Guides and Problems - Win-Raid Forum (](

A mod bios usually…was moded in bios region, not touching ME region, so i say no same as a clean Asus bios update, i mentioned before.

Thanks for helping me out. How to Clean/re-initialize the ME or re-program of the SPI? Can a modded BIOS reflash also resolve the issue?

Thanks…trying out now!!!