Tpm device Not Detected

Exact reason for this issue mostly in dell laptop

“Alert Tpm Device Not Detected”

Mostly it’s after bios update

That can be solved via downgrade bios too.
But in some of the case it can’t be solved .

Can anyone share exact reason for this error !!

And also in some of the dell manufacture mode is not locked even after pressing “Alf+F” it manufacture mode Remain unlocked .

PS it’s only seen in few models only of dell it’s works when upgrade or downgrade bios via windows, but in some case it fails !

i think this is after bad ME fw update “manufacture mode”
check topic here on forum “not flash” only try reset command // ME system tools - MEManuf tool

// for more info from system"
MEManuf “x64 ,.,.ME system tools for your FW version”
MEManuf -verbose

also try first the latest official BIOS / ME fw + all resets “cmos + EC reset”
,…,visit manufacture web