Unable to update HP 23-q102a. Intel ME in Manufacturing Mode


Here’s what happens when I try to run the ME firmware update from Driver - HP Pavilion All-in-One - 23-q102a (Touch) | HP® Customer Support

It is the same issue as HP Pavilion 23-q208nf Manufacturing Mode - #9 by noladan

They use the same motherboard. I have put a jumper on CN20 but unsure what to do next.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you

Well, the solution seems to be described in the thread you mentioned?

Dump the firmware of your machine using a programmer or Intel tools corresponding to your ME version

Use this guide to clean the ME-firmware:

Flash the ‘cleaned’/ newly built ME region back to your machine.

If you like you might run MEInfo from a DOS USB stick (Windows version probably won’t work) first.

Thanks for the reply.

I had a read of the other posts but it wasn’t quite clicking. I think I’ve got the gist now. I’ll give it a go and report back.

Ok I have dumped the BIOS and ME using Flash Programming Tool using CMD prompt in administrator mode using FPTW64 -D -BIOS and FPTW64 -D - ME commands. Here is the -BIOS dump in ME Analyzer.

Opened dumped bios in Flash Image Tool, Changed the intermediate file setting to no. Overwrote the ME Region.bin file with from the repository that I renamed to ME Region.bin. Saved the config.xml. closed FIT down. Reopened and built outimage.bin.

Here is its ME analyzer

Does that look correct?

Be careful with the commands.

“FPTW64 -D -BIOS and FPTW64 -D - ME” aren’t correct. Output of MEA (first picture) has -bios as filename?

The -d option is directly followed by the filename that the dump should get. The -bios and the -me options together with -d filename dump just the bios region or the ME region of the firmware, so it’s not completely sure what you really did here.
So it might be that you dumped the complete firmware to a file -bios and again to a file -me, then the file created with FIT might be correct, but let’s double check this!

Please post a linkt to the file you put in into FIT and tou the file you did build with FIT (or attach the files)!

Here in the file I used in FIT.

And the output file from FIT



Your -bios file is indeed a complete firmware image, and not just the bios region:

Your outimage.bin does look good, I get an identical result.

Flash the ME region back with the command fptw64 -ME -f outimage.bin (I assume you’ll have to set the jumper you mentioned)

If this is successfull done run fptw64 -greset

Wait for the system to reset (no settings are lost), remove the jumper. Start up again.

Be extremely careful with the commands, fptw64 writes without checking the content!

The HP- update doesn’t contain the latest ME version, latest is CSME 11.8 Consumer H D,A v11.8.92.4249
You might update using the files and tools mentioned in

Please keep your outimage bin as a backup!