Underscan on boot with Nvidia GTX 670, may modding BIOS solve my problem?

Hi all,

I’m new here, this forum seems perfect for me to ask, since there’re no other forum i found that talks about modding M/B BIOS…

My rig:
AsRock Z77 Pro4 - AMI UEFI BIOS, v1.60, modified for DSDT support
MSI Nvidia GTX 670 PE OC
Intel i5 3570k

My problem: I use my PC with with the Discrete Card (Nvidia). When I boot the PC the Bios and the bootloader (i mean for example GRUB) are underscan, they’re in the center of the screen, surrounded by black bars (if you need screenshot I’ll provide some). What could be the problem? With my integrated Intel HD it does not have… May be the fact that using PCI underscan? Can modding the BIOS solve this problem?

It appears to be a bug in CsmVideoDxe.ffs driver or VideoBIOS.
Does your Nvidia card support UEFI GOP?
If so, try disable CSM in BIOS setup to ensure use of UEFI VideoBIOS, but it will not work for Windows 7, if you have it.
If not, there is nothing to be done with it, I think.

Disabling CSM in Bios setup… worked! :slight_smile: I can see boot and BIOS in FullHD… But! I can’t boot Windows 7 anymore, it does only recognize USB, but not my SSD… What can I do now?

sonnhy, I don’t have any solution for Windows 7 now. I heard somewhere that MS have promised UEFI GOP support as part of SP2 for Windows 7, but now the only solution is to install Windows 8 in UEFI mode, converting your drive’s MBR to GPT and using UEFI install. It’s hard, but the outcome is much faster boot and normal function of UEFI-based option ROMs. I have done it months ago. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help… Could you be more datailed/specific? I mean, first of all I have to install Windows 8? Will I be able to remove it and install Windows 7 and keeping the UEFI support? Windows 8 locks the bootloader, so I won’t be able to install Ubuntu or Hackintosh, am i right?

  1. In order to use UEFI VideoBIOS you must install Windows 8 (or 8.1), because right now it’s the only OS from Microsoft that supports UEFI Graphics Output Protocol.
    2. No, you have to use Windows 8, installed and booted in UEFI mode.
    3. No, there is no locks, I’m using Debian and OS X aside Windows 8.1, booting them all with Clover.

Too bad I dislike Windows 8 haha
I’ve tried it many times, but I still prefer Windows 7… Oh well, it seems I’ll keep my ugly black bars Boot, thanks anyway :slight_smile:

@ sonny:
Welcome at Win-RAID Forum!

I am pretty sure, that you will install Win8.1 in the near future as CodeRush suggested to do.

Enjoy the Forum

The new UI and Metro, which i particularly hate, aren’t a good reason for me to switch to Windows 8… Also, Windows 7 is more Game-friendly and rock-stable AFAIK

It is your decision.
I am very satisfied with the speed and the stability of Win8.1.