Unlock Dell E6440

Can anyboody unlock me the bios of dell e6440 (la-9933p). i can provide the locked dumps(kbc and bios). thanks

Our intention is to help the users to modify their mainboard BIOS themselves. That is why we generally do not modify any BIOS upon request.

I will be glad if you guide me how to because i am expert in laptop hardware but not in software(bios). i have tried to extract the bios from orignal bios exe but i cannot done. so please if you can please tell me how to do. thanks

The .exe can be extracted to an .hdr file which can then be extracted to the actual components. The latter are attached. I am not able to help with anything else.

E6440_A14_HDR_EXTR.rar (7.82 MB)


Like Plutomaniac i sucessfully extract the HDR file from .exe
I try to read it with AMIBCP 4.55.0070 but unfortunatly , i have an error, 5.00.0023 can’t work because it’s for AptioV Bios type.
I open it with UEFIextract and MMTooL, this is the result :


The next work is to find the SETUP module. It’s easy with the old bios, but this one have new scheme. Need some investigation to find it.

The .hdr is not the BIOS, you need "E6440A14_decompressed_section1_A.14.bin" file.

@plutomaniac :
Can you explain what is .HDR exactly ?
the setup :
|203|SetupPrep |899407D7-99FE-43D8-9A21-79EC328CAC21|00486C68|080C75|DRVR|
and IFR extraction :

setuprep IFR.txt (609 KB)

Hi pluto i have try to done with hdr, but i haven’t success. i have uploaded bios and kbc please can you do a fever to unlock. thanks

@ nomi_nomi:

What unlocking? These files are not extracted properly. Don’t flash them. What Dell model do you have exactly to extract the HDR contents? As said here, I can only help with the module extraction from the exe but not anything else like unlocking or similar.

these are content from eeprom (Bios DUMP) on motherboard that are locked (Bios Supervisior password)

That files are fine (copy /b 64.bin + 32.bin full.bin to obtain a complete image), but Dell uses a proprietary format for storing passwords, which is not yet reversed, AFAIK. Will look at it once I get some time, but don’t expect it to be done tomorrow.

Bundle of thanks CodeRush, you are my lost hope, waiting for your answer. Thanks again

Ah, great. I missed the second file and only checked w25q32.bin, thus my post. That laptop has two spi chips totaling 128Mb. Generally though .hdr files should be properly extracted before using their modules to avoid issues such as this. It might not apply to you specifically but I’m just sharing a previous experience.

@nomi_nomi :
Sorry for misunderstanding about "Unclock"

@CodeRush :
Can you explain how to open a bios like this one with AMIBCP without this famous error ? :
"Some BIOS strings exceeds the maximum length (0x400)"


Hi thanks for help, please donot waste time on bios the protection is in other eeprom. Thanks