Unlock Lenovo Tiny M700 bios for NVME Support and Memory/CPU Overclocking settings


I have a m700 my work was throwing away that I’d like to use as a little network sensor. I have dumped the bios and reflashed the bios to confirm it’s intact and have played around in AMIBCP, unlocked menu’s but not seem to have made any progress other than that.

Attached is the Original dumped bios, happy for some instructions or if someone can assist with unlocking the features I would like.


Many thanks!

NVMe… dont know why is mentioned since its supported already.
Regarding AMIBCP tool, its not valid anymore for most of modern Aptio V bioses so for further “playing”, same as the follwing, to start:
([Request] Unlock hiden BIOS settings MSI MPG Z790I EDGE WIFI - #2 by MeatWar)

EDIT: “…but when I put any drive in it it just doesn’t accept it”
Any drive no… any NVMe can be.
Users cant come to ask a forum for help just saying “doesnt accept it” since the machine supports it by default, we are not siting at your desk to see the behaviour/messages/errors etc, the user must describe all possible details of the issue, in order to give the best elaborated “picture” of it.

“This was an enterprise machine so I’m not sure if options were removed…”
Enterprise or not… whats the point of removing performance of a NVMe drive…no logic and unlikely. Blacklisted drive model, badly seated, hw failure and last but not likely bios config.

There is an nvme slot as pictured on the motherboard but when I put any drive in it it just doesn’t accept it. This was an enterprise machine so I’m not sure if options were removed.

I will take a look in that thread. Thank you!

Apologies for any unclear information.

Any NVMe disk that is connect to the NVMe slot on the motherboard fails to be acknowledged. There is no information that I can see in the bios menu or in windows that acknowledges that I have an NVMe drive connected to the PC.

I have tried 2 Samsung and a Kingston NVMe drive that are all confirmed working in other machines and none of them register on this machine.

I have also placed higher speed ram into the machine which operates fine at a lower speed. I am hoping that via memory/overclock settings I can increase the speed settings similar to an xmp profile.

The chipset of this device is B150, which I know supports NVMe, for whatever the reason it does not work for me which is making me feel it’s some kind of lockout/whitelist issue on this enterprise version or something.

Further search on the web, seems that the M.2 slot on the M700 Tiny only supports PCIe SATA AHCI drives and not NVMe, this not B150 chipset related, usually its LENOVO design implementation. Besides the bios having the AMI NVMe support for it…

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Thats it from me, good luck.