Upgrade Dell Optiplex 7070 ME from Standard to Intel Managed vPro

I found this thread when I was trying to figure out why my Optiplex 5070 didn’t have KVM capabilities in the MEB.

I’ve read through this and downloaded version 12 of the tools. If I’m understanding what I’ve read correctly, if I’m only trying to enable the full AMT for just this system I don’t need to do any of the cleanup, I just need to extract my current spi.bin, update the fields in FIT, then flash just the updated spi.bin.

You should still follow [Guide] Clean Dumped Intel Engine (CS)ME/(CS)TXE Regions with Data Initialization on your dumped image and adjust AMT settings before rebuilding between steps 10 and 11.

After going through the correct section I find I still have the same issue. I have the following from ME Analyzer:

║ spi.bin (1/1) ║
║ Family │ CSE ME ║
║ Version │ ║
║ Release │ Production ║
║ Type │ Extracted ║
║ SKU │ Corporate H ║
║ Chipset │ CNP/CMP-H B,A ║

The closest RGN file is, there isn’t a RGN file for in the repository. Is the “BA” in the filename for the Chipst?


I checked the closest file in ME Analyzer and the ARB Security Version number and Version Control Number are different as are Size. The other differences I would expect, such as Type (Stock vs. Extracted), FWUpdate Support (Impossible vs. No), Date, File System State (Initialized vs. Unconfigured) Flash Image Tool ( vs. missing completely), and Latest (Yes vs. No).

You can also use the latest COR H EXTR-Y firmware while cleaning. Don’t worry about any other field in ME Analyzer. Follow the guide and adjust all AMT options accordingly. Meaning, ME Kernel > Hide MEBx (No) and all at AMT > AMT,KVM,EHBC,TLS.

Okay, I followed the steps and generated the new .bin and programmed it. I shutdown, removed the jumper, powered back up and did the -greset. That caused the system to reboot after it completed and I then went in and reconfigured the ME.

After that I connected using MessCommander and the option for Remote Desktop was there but disabled. I enabled it and was able to connect.

Thanks again for your help!

Can you help me with finding the jumper on that motherboard? I have the same "standart" ME and want to modify it to vPro but unable to find any jumpers on the motherboard at all! Looks like some of them SHOLD be soldered, but not a single one actually was…

Tried to short "FVS" pad near chipeser to ground - no reaction.

Upate Found what i need - JM56. Shorted it and booted in Service Mode.

Hello @alphasite . I’m trying to turn on the KVM function but nothing works. Can you send me your bin file for dell 5070. Thanks

alphasite was last seen in the forum in september 2021…

I made a bin dump using Flash Programming Tool, and I wanted to add KVM support during FIT, but after saving the file there is a problem. Maybe someone has a ready-made file with full AMT support for Dell Optiplex 5070
Thanks for help

Maybe someone has, otherwise you might attach / post your dump and describe your problem more precisely.