VaioSVE15 Change/Upgrade BIOS to UEFI

Ciao!! Happy New Year!!

I am complete amateur so theres much to understand, but im ready to learn and hope to receive assistance to avoid “bricking” my only workstation.
My laptop + system is:

Sony Vaio SVE1511MFXS (Windows 10)
BIOS Version: R0220E5
Intel ME Version:
Attached is a log made made from HWinfo64

I have Five goals:
1) Change/Upgrade BIOS to UEFI (So I can have a bootable drive over 2TB and one that can be encrypted)
2) Unlock all BIOS/UEFI Options in Advanced Menu/Everywhere
3) Enable All Intel ME Capabilites currently disabled
4) Remove wifi whitelist
5) Update all the firmware/drivers/Microcodes
In essence just to modernize this 9 year old laptop which will remain my only computer for the next many years, any/all help is greatly appreciated.
The goals are also in an order im not sure of, I dont know if for example 1-3 and be one in one mod or has to be done separately.

I’ve contacted Intel but they won’t help, they direct me to Sony which sold vaio in 2014 and as of last November no longer offers support for Vaio PCS.
So Im happy I found this site and hope its my savior.

Lets go:
1) Luckily HWinfo64 states that my system is UEFI capable, i’ve checked microsoft and i see the procedure to change from BIOS to UEFI. But I can’t do that because my BIOS dosent have the UEFI option though HWinfostates it is UEFI capable. How do I enable the hidden UEFI option so i which between BIOS and UEFI? Or simply just change it to UEFI?

2) Now being UEFI, how to make all possible options available in the UEFI BIOS?

3) I found and downloaded somewhere on the site “Intel ME System Tools v8 r3” which seemed to be the version for my system.
Are these the tools to be used to enable all the disabled features? I ran a few of the exe’s and I imagine changing one value affects another.
Can someone assist me please?

I recently purchased an Intel 7260 AC wifi card (WIFI + Bluetooth) that wouldn’t work unless I taped pin 20, and the bluetooth wont function unless I taped pin 51.
Removing the whitelist is a separate procedure from modifying the bios? Is it bad to flash/update the bios many times? How do i do it?

5) In Intel/Sony disabling so many features I guess none of them are updated. So after enabling they should be updated right?

I look forward to making this an exciting project :slight_smile:
Thank you!!

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