What am I doing wrong with my programmer

Ok, now I made sure everything is how it’s supposed to be, but it’s giving me an error? If I need to buy something else just tell me because I have a lot of motherboards to mod/fix

Try to take off the cmos battery, then power on the psu for the board, and try to read the eeprom again.

Make sure the pinout is correct, not in reverse.

Ok, I took the cmos battery out, powered on psu. I also tried connecting from 25x bios to 24x eeprom, in both directions, still “ic not responding”.

use the 25 one and make sure the cable connected to the programmer is oriented correctly to the chip, then try to use this app:
CH341A Programmer V1.44-31-01-2022.zip (2.5 MB)

try it without connecting to the psu (just mainboard and programmer), if it works then it should be it.
but sometimes mobo needs power from psu, in case it didnt work power the psu to supply the board.

Yeah, so I noticed the clip isn’t making correct contact with the chip, but if I try to seat it correctly, the clip just keeps slipping off the chip? I’ll try to fix it but idk.

try to make sure the clip attached correctly. it might need sometime to do so to find the perfect allignment.

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Ok, so to have the right alignment, I have to hold the clip down (or else it’ll pop off the chip) I might just try to hold in this position the whole time, or rig something up to keep it on. Idk why it keeps slipping off the chip though lmao

maybe the clip itself isnt good enough to clip. i bought 2 of these as 1 of my usual clip gets its plastic worn off and cant clip anymore.

Can you link a good clip? I keep buying them off aliexpress. Maybe somewhere else has a better one?

POMONA 5250 (Amazon.com: Pomona Electronics)

EDIT: Why surprised? Do you think the chinese sells what you bought to last… thats why their so cheap, their not for long time use.
Do you want good tools for working? Then it costs more…
You asked…i just given my personal contribution, wait for others suggestions.

Thirty bucks?

Hey, I bought that Pomona 5250. So I need anything else to make it work with my ch341?

Yeah, time and dedication, a cold beer and dont give up… :crazy_face:

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EDIT: Search for DuPont/Jumper wires Female-Female

So it seems like it didn’t come with any wires or anything like that to attach to my ch341a, do I need to buy them/ where from? The clip sits nicely on the chip though.

Got the jumpers. Anywhere I can find a reference pinout for the chip and programmer?