What\'s triggering Intel SATA AHCI driver updates

I never received a mainboard manual with the purchase of my desktop system and so besides missing mainboard info, when it comes to all the different controller drivers, it’s harder to tell what drivers are updating
I first installed the Intel RST Premium Controller back in 2018 after the initial Windows 10 OOBE. A couple years later, I switched from RAID On to AHCI mode in the BIOS. I never performed an uninstall of the Intel RST Premium Controller. The change to the SATA controller mode in the BIOS from RAID On to AHCI mode installed the Intel 300 Series Chipset SATA AHCI controller driver.

A few recent Intel updates this month that installed for the Intel SATA AHCI controller through WU led me to read a guide on this forum titled “X99: Sata Controllers and Drivers” (even though I don’t have the X99 mainboard.) What caught my interest in the guide was the mention about three different controller drivers which can even be “mixed” or used together at the same time where it was only referring to Intel controllers.

What I’m trying to discern are two Intel updates that installed this month for the Intel 300 series SATA AHCI controller :

a) The first update failed to install which was called in WU: Intel Corporation - Extension -
b) The second update did install which was called in WU: Intel Corporation - HDC - ( I’m assuming HDC stands for hard drive controller)
c) The versions were identical, they just had different Intel descriptions

Does it make any sense then that something is reporting on the M.2 bus that’s triggering an Intel RST driver update (even in AHCI mode) ?
Could that be the reason why the first Intel driver update failed ?

@Rathlin :
To be able to answer your questions, we need a few information about your "Desktop System" (mainboard manufacturer and model, Chipset, HardwareIDs of the in-use Intel SATA Controller).
By the way - Only the Intel "Ënterprise" chipsets X99 and X299 have more than 1 on-board Intel SATA Controller.


desktop specifications

Motherboard: Dell Model 0DF42J (U3E1)
Chipset : Southbridge model Z370

Hardware ID’s of Intel SATA Controller:

NVMe Storage Device: SK Hynix Model PC401
HDD Storage Device: Seagate Model ST2000DM001-1ER164
SATA type: SATA-III 6.0Gb/s

Maybe just ditching Intel’s AHCI controller and replacing it with the Standard MS AHCI driver for the SATA controller is the way to go.
Maybe changing to the driver to Windows built-in driver might be one way to avoid what’s installed. Win 10 Home offers basically no control over WU’s

@Rathlin : Thanks for the requested details.
Which NVMe driver manages your Hynix NVMe SSD? If it should be the Intel RST driver as well, you may run into problems while trying to replace the AHCI driver.
In any case I recommend to set a "Restore Point" before doing any storage driver update/replacement.

Thanks Fernando. Your question is a good one: “Which NVMe ‘driver’ manages your Hynix NVMe SSD?” I know it’s not an SK Hynix driver because that manufacturer does not provide NVMe drivers such as Samsung. The Standard NMV Express Controller is the name of the Storage controller under the expanded section of “Storage Controllers” in Device Manager. The NVMe driver that manages my SK Hynix SSD couldn’t be the Intel RST driver, yes? So I have to believe the NVMe driver is a Microsoft generic driver.