Which are the "best" Intel AHCI/RAID drivers?

Hi Fernando,

I just ordered an Asus z270G and have a question to ask. Have all AHCI drivers been “changed” to RST? So we’re sort of forced to install those now? I just want to install the best performing drive for my chipset through Device Manager like I’ve always done. I can still do that right?


I don’t understand the question. Nothing important has been changed since a couple of years regarding the usable AHCI drivers while running a modern Windows Operating System.

You can still choose whether to use the MS in-box AHCI driver named MSAHCI.SYS resp. STORAHCI.SYS or a specific original/modded Intel RST/RST(e) AHCI driver, which supports your Z270 chipset system.

Yes, if you install a driver, which supports the HardwareIDs of your on-board Intel Z200-Series Chipset SATA AHCI Controller.

Thanks for the great info. So I have to ask…as stupid as it might make me look. So what exactly am I looking for on the mainboard? Ive looked at “system information” in bios. I thought maybe I overlooked a marking on the motherboard when installing the 950 Pro in both systems. So I looked again. All as I can find is…a.)The driver I’m currently running. b.) Intel chipset skylake i5 processor.

I don’t know if I’m just over looking it because, I’m not sure what it would actually look like…HA! I’ve even looked at the dell website and can’t seem to find anything solid.
I’d really appreciate if you could give me an example of a common Dell chipset that your looking for. Or if you know a way to get it off my computer. Maybe if I know a little better what to look for, ill open them back up and get it. Then compare it to your driver thread and download away!!!

Thanks again.

@sealovererik :
You can find out the chipset of your 2 Dell systems
a) either by running a tool like AIDA64 or
b) from within the Windows OS by opening the Device Manager, expanding the “IDE ATA/ATAI Controllers” and - if applicable - the “Storage Controllers” section and checking the HardwareIDs of the listed Controllers (right-click onto them > “Properties” > “Details” > “Property” > “HardwareIDs”). Then post the VendorID (VEN_XXXX) and DeviceID (DEV_XXXX) of the related Controllers and I will tell you to which chipset they belong.


Thanks again. This is the info I pulled from the Latitude e7470…

For the XPS 15 9550 its the following…

Really appreciate it. Looking forward to optimizing both of the systems.


@sealovererik :
Thanks for posting the HardwareIDs. They verfify, that the Intel SATA Controller of your Dell Latitude E7470 has been set within the BIOS to RAID mode, whereas the system drive of your Dell XPS 15 9550 is connected to an Intel SATA port as well, but running in AHCI mode.
Both notebooks have a Mobile Intel 100-Series chipset.
You can find the related Intel RST(e) driver versions, which I recommend for your systems, within the table at the bottom of the start post.
If I were you, I would take the Intel RST(e) RAID driver v13.2.8.1002 WHQL for your Mobile Intel 100-Series chipset RAID system (Dell Latitude) and the Intel RST(e) AHCI driver v14.8.12.1059 WHQL for your AHCI system (Dell XPS 15).

Just wanted to thank you for all your info. This forum is one of a kind. Many thanks!


Hello Fernando!

So after installing the Intel AHCI drivers v14.8.12.1059 in the IDE/ATA/ATAPI. I noticed that under “Disk Drives” and “Storage Controllers” it doesn’t have the Intel ACHI drivers.
Disk Drive>Samsung SSD 950 PRO 512g>Driver> is MS v10.0.14393.0 from 2006. Under storage controllers> MS Storage spaces> driver v10.0.14393.351.
The OTHER location under storage controller was a MS Storage Controller with a driver from 2006 that started with 10.
However I did update the “Storage Controller” with a Samsung driver v2.1.0.1611.

My question is this. My computer doesn’t seem to be acting 100%. I’m not sure when it exactly started, so I wanted your professional advice on…

1.)For some reason I cant seem to change the “Disk Drive>Samsung SSD 950 PRO 512g>Driver” from the v10.0.14393.0 to the Samsung driver, or any other driver. I’m not sure if this is “normal” or if I’m not doing something right.
2.)Do you have any recommendations on the drivers for the Storage Controller & Disk Drive to run with the recommended Intel AHCI v14.8.12.1059? a.) Should I run the MS driver, b.) is there a Intel driver for the Storage controller that I didn’t get?


@sealovererik :

  1. All devices, which are listed within the section “Disk drives” of the Device Manager, are managed by MS drivers, which are part of the OS. You cannot replace them by any third party drivers.
    Their only task is to manage the organisation of the attached disk drives, but they do not manage the function of the on-board Storage Controllers, which are listed within the sections “IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers” or “Storage Controllers” of the Device Manager.
  2. If you want to update an AHCI driver or want to know, which driver your on-board Intel SATA AHCI Controller is currently using, you should expand the section “IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers”.

As I have written above, you cannot replace the driver for any device, which is listed within the “Disk Drives” section.

Since your on-board Intel SATA AHCI Controller is obviously listed within the “IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers” section of the Device Manager (maybe with another name), you cannot install the Intel AHCI driver v14.8.12.1059 onto any device, which is listed within the “Storage Controllers” section.

Hi Fernando,
I have ASRock P5B-DE with Intel P965/G965 and southbridge 82801HB/HR (ICH8/R) - in AHCI mode on Windows 7 x64. So in device manager controllers are reported as dev_2825 and dev_2820. I searched your forum and didn’t find anything for that controllers. Now running under Intel drivers v9.1.9.1005 but these is actually Microsoft drivers. On Intel’s site also I didn’t find anything. I was very interested for this problem. Do you have something?

@Smile :
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These are not DeviceIDs of an Intel SATA Controller, which is running in AHCI mode.
Please post the exact name(s) of the Controller(s), which are listed within the “IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers” section of the Device Manager.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

Pfff… true. SATAII - enhanced mode… latest BIOS upgrade. No AHCI for that MB. Can I do something to speedup that MB?

If it supports RAID, you can create a RAID0 array consisting of 2 HDDs or SSDs.

Thanks Fernando!

Ok so I think I see why I was confused. Since I’ve had this computer it has been in RAID mode. Since it only has 1 activated storage slot I thought it would be better to run in AHCI. Since switching and installing the 950 pro with clean windows 10 install, adding your recommended drivers was the 1st time I really got to notice the IDE ATA/ATAPI. Looking on the XPS 9550(which is RAID) there is no IDE ATA/ATAPI section in device manager. Before switching the Latitude into AHCI it didn’t have the IDE ATA/ATAPI either. So I just got confused that there were 2 “Controller” sections.

Now that I think I have that figured out, Id like to know if there is a difference in the 2 sections. So the “Storage Controllers” (bottom of list) is the section that identifies as “NVME controller” has what now is the newest Samsung driver. It also has under location "PCI Slot 12 (PCI bus 3, device 0, function 0)"
Now the IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers has the “Intel(R) 6th Generation Core Processor Family Platform I/O SATA AHCI Controller” and the location as “PCI bus 0, device 23, function 0”

So my questions are… a.)why does it have these 2 different controllers? b.) I realize that 1 is for SATA and the other for Raid, maybe? Just not sure how come if the IDE ATA/ATAPI controller doesn’t show up on Raid mode why when in AHCI it shows the “Storage controllers”. c.)on a computer like this Latitude e7470 that only has 1 active storage slot and that slot is M.2 PCIe and in that slot is a NVMe should it go in the “Storage controller” slot that has the PCIe “location” & the NVMe listed?
d.) If it doesn’t matter at all, which one of the 2 Controller spots it(Intel driver v14.8.12.1059)goes should I remove that Samsung driver out of the “Storage Controller” section?

I’ve attached some images of the actual latitude screens device manager, with the 2 Controller listings in question, also their properties. This is to make sure there is no confusion brought by my ignorance to this subject.




Again…Many Thanks!

Because the Intel SATA Controller of your mainboard and the NVMe Controller of your NVMe SSD have been manufactured by different Companies and need different drivers.

The on-board Intel SATA Controller usually can be set within the BIOS to “IDE”, “AHCI” or “RAID” mode. Depending on the chosen mode, the Intel SATA Controller is listed either within the “IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers” section (valid always for the “IDE” and mostly for the “AHCI” mode) or within the “Storage Controllers” section (valid always for the “RAID” mode and sometimes for the “AHCI” mode, if running with an SCSI Filter driver).
The NVMe Controller is always listed within the “Storage Controllers” section and has nothing to do with the Intel SATA Controller.

I don’t understand this question, but maybe I have given the answer already within my reply to your question b).

As I have already written above, the Intel SATA AHCI Controller has nothing to do with the NVMe Controller. Only the Intel SATA AHCI Controller can use the Intel RST(e) driver v14.8.12.1059, whereas the NVMe Controller needs an NVMe driver.

Ok thanks you.

I understand it all now. Basically leave the NVMe controller alone because the best driver for that chipset 100 series is the Intel driver v14.8.12.1059 as per recommended in the start page of this forum. I appreciate the help and patience.


I jus picked up a little system for my girlfriend. It has a Gigabyte GA-X150M-PLUS WS motherboard Kaby lake 1151 LGA socket I5 7500 cpu 3.4 Ghz, Chipset 232.Just wondering what’s the best AHCI driver for this little beast. I have v14.8.12.1059 installed now… Thanks

@NIK1 :
That is ok for now.
Maybe the upcoming Intel RST(e) drivers from the v15.2 or v15.5 series will be even better for Intel 200-Series Chipsets.

Hello , i have a Dell XPS 8900 which has an Intel i7 6700 processor and i run Win 7 SP 1 professional 64 bit .
I have chipset driver version 14.8.9. 1053 installed now and i am not sure which of the 3 choices below would be the appropriate one . Can someone give me their opinion ?
Thank you so much

Intel RST e
14.8.12 1059

@vhfan :
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Since the title of this thread matches exactly your question, I have moved your post here.
The choice of the “best” Intel AHCI or RAID driver doesn’t depend on the manufacturer and name of your system nor on the CPU, but on the system’s chipset and the DeviceID of your on-board Intel SATA Controller.
So if you want an answer to your question, please give me the required information.

Such Intel chipset “driver” doesn’t exist. What do you mean? What is the exact name of that driver?

Dieter (alias Fernando)