Win-Raid Forum future announcement

So sad to here this news but I also understand the reasons why.

A big thank you to all the Dieter and all of the Admins for their precious time (and money) spent here, this community will be missed greatly.

I wonder how much of the forums is potentially stored on Wayback Machine?

Very sad news.

For years, the forum has been collecting important information bit by bit, which is in one place and its loss is simply unacceptable.

I believe that it is very important not to lose the accumulated knowledge and to imitate, for everyone who is interested, the efficiency of the forum.

Then you’d better upload all the threads (with pictures and files) on Wayback Machine. These guides are very helpful to us.

that’s very sad news :confused:

but I understand that the people who know all this will eventually move on to other projects .d

even so, this forum contains a lot of useful tutorials

won’t it be a shame to throw them away ??


.,.good luck and thanks for this forum :slight_smile:

from what i see you use xobor and not so "famous" software ,is it free ? can we install it on another server backup your database and restore it on the new server ?

or does xobor have any utility to transfer the content to another forum software ?

Me too, very special thank you to westlake and Marvin who have been instrumental in the new fw blob and microcode detection. I’m sure I’m forgetting a few others but I wanted to emphasize how much (at least) I appreciate their contributions. Oh also chinobino and other people who have acted as unofficial mods during these times. :slight_smile:

I agree, but honestly the fact that traditional forums are fading away is just a smaller reason, not the main one.

I wouldn’t say that. There are definitely various other tech related forums that could easily host such content and create lovely communities around them. Because it’s the contents that make the forum, not a name/domain. That’s how I view it at least.

It’s not just about people not being overly tech-savvy. Maybe that’s ok. But when someone has spent, let’s say, 100 hours of their lives over the years to write and maintain a guide, I find it disrespectful, at the very least, to not spend 100 seconds reading it and then following it.

Some previous replies might be helpful to understand the current idea in mind. Basically, the OP from guides can be copy-pasted elsewhere and continue there. It can be discussed here and we’ll see.

If you mean me personally, I don’t know yet. My own projects will remain and get updates at Github. For the guide threads, whether I will continue maintaining them or just store them somewhere publicly, I haven’t decided yet on a new forum. There’s time to think about that. :wink:

I wanted to thank you personally, chinobino, for all your help as well over the years around the forum. What I said earlier about lfb6, westlake, Marvin and others, applies to you as well. I’m sure there are various stuff at WayBack machine but doing a full site backup is not really possible that way due to the forum software being stupid, as I explained at some earlier replies.

True, thank you for understanding one of the main reasons.

Please check some earlier replies on the general current idea on how the important stuff can be preserved.

Oh boy, don’t get me started on Xobor. It’s basically a honeypot, they lure new people in with “free” forums and then lock them in without a way out, on a proprietary (bad) platform. Even if you can get the DB (they’ll probably extort any such request by asking a lot of money for the privilege of a backup), it will be completely proprietary and not directly transferable to other platforms. Sure, knowledgeable people would be able to convert it and restore most things, but not all and such a thing requires resources and, most importantly, trust. Since you asked, Xobor does offer to convert your old phpBB, vBulletin etc database to their own format but not the other way around of course. Why? We all know why.

I am very sad but i understand the reasons.

I want to thank some other legends that passed from here :

@Modfreakz @daniel_k @ket @SoniX @Pacman @Lost_N_BIOS and the @lordkag

I know that few of them are not here anymore but but i wish them the best.

Is there anyways to take over the site and keep it running ?

I dwell only in two PC related forums Win-Raid and Guru3d.

Can Win-Raid migrate (merge) to some old forum like Guru3d?

I am disarmed after this news. I am very sorry that an important point of reference is closed and that all the history that has been made in these pages is lost.

Communication via social media is a communication without memory and not very constructive, the forum is the only way to keep the news over time. Do you plan to keep the site’s history?

I take this opportunity to thank those who helped me a few years ago in solving an update bug of the cpu microcodes.


Очень жаль, что всякие Швондеры (кто читал Булгакова поймет) и прочие пидарасо-засранцы Майкрософта, Интела и других компаний загнали администрацию форума в угол, вынудив удалить информацию, полезную многим, но неугодную им. Общество идет в сторону дебилизации. Быть специалистом уже стало не в тренде, более того - быть им уже позорно. Спасибо Win-Raid за полезную информацию, за альтернативный взгляд на многие решения!

Here is the translation (added by Fernando):
It is a pity that all sorts of Shvonders (who read Bulgakov will understand) and other fagot assholes of Microsoft, Intel and other companies drove the administration of the forum into a corner, forcing them to delete information useful to many, but objectionable to them. Society is heading towards moronization. Being a specialist is no longer in trend, moreover, it is already shameful to be a specialist. Thanks to Win-Raid for the useful information, for an alternative view of many solutions!

i feel bad reading this news… that i need to re-read…

i am not sure that shutting it down is a good idea…

you made a cool place that has CLEVERS MEMBERS…and not the biggest warez forum of the PLANET […][where registering and being "authorized to post" takes weeks… this russian forum was about cracking steam…in the hands of a dumbass…from "usa or europe or usrahell" it did going back to "SOVIETS" like france…that is having the smell and odors of


poubelle, cratère de poussière

trash can


garbage can

poubelle, boîte à ordures


ordures, déchets, détritus, poubelle, décombres, immondices


décharge publique, poubelle, déchets, baraque

make your choices…but not "good food" … the manager of the french castles said it and just leaved the town…

you should try to let the car "drives more" before closing… and open the forum…to real opportunities of making money… i think of a project or two i can not continue because there is no developpers… like making two or may be three mods for hl and hl2… [ and then hl3…] i need some people making use of the hldsk…and being able to create few of the "dual dlls" … there are people able to do that at steam or svencoop… but they do not care these little jobs are not making enought money may be…but not offering them means no new games giving new ideas…giving fun…and joys…

as an other idea that made me came is: about the fact that installing win7 on a x570 mobo is very hard…[ even installing 10 is very hard with this fucking csm/secure system…] i am here to ask if that is not possible to use the windows 11 install iso …and just "exchange" the 4 Go wim file already having the right drivers…

that is crazy to force people using an os like vista or 10 or others…while one is making them happy like xp or 7… [ usa or M$ …are back to the soviets because they like feeling the power of "being the masters…" ] [lol]

Microsoft were a great company in the era of Windows95/98, but unfortunately just like apple theyve turned into a load of money grabbing bastards, since Bill Gates left microsoft they have just got worse and worse, now to the point that windows is nothing more than an advertising and spyware platform, today microsoft are making more money out of consoles and windows is dead to me, the last decent one was windows7.

Its a damn shame that these forums are getting closed down, but i saw it coming to be honest, Not enough supply and too much demand, and as for social media and sites like facebook, well they can just fuck off, my interest in such sites are 0%

Kustom PC’s in scotland have closed their forums down as well, but i do wonder, when this site has gone, where else people will go for expert PC advice/modding etc… surely there has to be somewhere?

Anyway the windows Os’s of today are piss poor, microsoft dont care about the end user any more only making money, doesnt matter how powerful your modern PC is, they are stuck with windows10/11 and i hate them both with a passion and will never use them, as for linux well, dont even start me with that shit show of an operating system.

The internet has helped a lot of people but its also done a lot of damage, especially with DRM and stupid subscription services, why the hell should people have to pay subscriptions to play games ffs, this never happened years ago, steam, yea its steam alright, a steaming pile of shite, just as bad as their own failed linux distro. there was nothing wrong with gamespy.

oh well…

Very sad news :frowning: This forum collect so many useful info. What about telegram channel or yggdrasil mirror?

Damn this is a shame to hear, i do hope this place is carried on elsewhere, I don’t really post much these days but I’ve been coming here for years for driver etc. Have to say thank you to @Fernando for his help in the past and over the years.

I’m sad to hear about this. I came here originally for help with trying to get Windows 7 x64 up and running on modern Ryzen processors, only to find a nice community of experienced and knowledgeable individuals. I wish we could carry on elsewhere - I love reading through various topics that interest me and learning new things that the community members either know or have been able to pull off in one way or another.

I hope that most of this site and it’s content will be backed up and preserved elsewhere on the web (which is already happening). The Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine isn’t always the best at grabbing everything from a website, alas. Thank you to those who have started doing so already.

I want to say thank you to everyone on here. Perhaps we might run across each other on other tech and computer related forums and such in the future.

I agree, this format is generally more helpful for proper dissemination of information, so while it is understandable that the forum will have to inevitably close, it would be great if it would be resurrected on another platform (even if that means we will have to manually copy every single post for this, if this is viable by having every willing member chip in, I’d be glad to help.

@Fernando , @plutomaniac ,

It is a very sad news for all the geeks…

Without your personal enthousiasms and your huge efforts a such high level forum did not existed.

I wish you the best four your future, and I do understand your decision is the good one.

Merci Dieter.

Merci Plutomaniac

Although I arrived at the end.

Thank you for your service.

I’ll be saving webpages and any of the files/notes I’ve needed or the ones I think I may need for years to come.


This is sad news, as Win-RAID had become perhaps the most popular and accessible BIOS modding community in quite a while.

Also, do we know what happened with Lost_N_BIOS? The pandemic killed a lot of people and I would be happier knowing that he is alive and well and left due to any other reason.