Win-Raid -- New Home ! Upgrading forum software and evolving

Good. Lord.

hmm, ok…


Drupal has nothing to do with the forum or migration or anything like that

We will be following industry best practices with regard to cypher strength and supported suites:…sults=on&latest
Currently we score an A on Qualsys SSL evaluation. We will not support obsolete protocols.

Almost everything else was already covered, but…

You will have to reset your password. Those won’t migrate. Special care has been taken to preserve thread urls. The controls are different, but it should still work. The win-raid domain will keep working but it is ambiguous to us at this time how timely the migration of the domain will be. The migration of the forum data will only take a few hours to maybe a day. We will link to the interim url here.

We have a load balancer and such at level1techs which may mean win-raid becomes a subdomain since the edge server/LB/caching services charge by domain name, so I’m not going to specify yet. It is up and running, but not ready for users to do anything yet.

As stated elsewhere this sort of stuff is preserved. Still working on private messages though.

Drupal is not part of the equation… I think threads older than 6 months are locked, but moderators can intervene if necessary.

Drupal is not part of the equation. There are lots of new content management features. It’s faster for one. And way less ads, though we might add back a banner ad or two just to offset costs. It seems a bit excessive to me here, though. We’ll sort that out later.

This is controlled by forum policy. Some threads here are ancient, and still get regular replies. Why would we close those? There is no technical reason to do it one way or the other, just down to what users want and how things normally operate.

Everything including files up through november.

plutomaniac and fernando have already been given access as described early in this thread. We put together a conversion program and can bring it current as soon as we get a dump from xobor. Xobor is the bottleneck in obtaining dumps and brining the posts current.

This works the same, though I think we don’t preserve the public file urls, we do preserve the threads they came from. Which then have a public link. I don’t think this will be a concern.

As stated earlier on the thread, we are waiting on xobor. Once we have the most recent dump it’ll take about 8 hours. This domain will go read only.

Before it goes read-only here, on xobor, it will be updated with a message and links to the new forum url. Then over the next few days we’ll get control over the domain and hook it up, too, to the new domain name. The links themselves will be the same for threads.

so like this one /t10449f2-Win-Raid-New-Home-Upgrading-forum-software-and-evolving-1.html# will continue to be t10449f2-Win-Raid-New-Home-Upgrading-forum-software-and-evolving-1.html# at the new domain for example.

This takes more words to describe but overall it should be minimally disruptive with regard to links, preservation and utility. It is a minor miracle we were able to do a conversion as high fidelity as we have been able to do imho given the highly obscure base software we are working from. It is likely to be more disruptive in that it is new/different software, with a different setup. I think it is more modern? But that is subjective.
AND We are totally 100% hoping to continue to iterate and improve and work on it after the migration. The migration to the new platform gives us those features and flexibility that is impossible right now on the current platform.

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I’m curious in the reason to migrate forum? Who came up with the idea?

Mate, can you not read the thread? I nearly had a heart attack as I’m monitoring (and dreading) the changes - at least until they have happened, then it’s a fait accompli.

Your Welcome

just a quick question will the migration happen this April or somewhere within May or June? take your time guys this looks very important feel free to delay if needed

@wendell @plutomaniac @Fernando

Delighted “Win-Raiders” is finding a new “home”…! Arghh matey :slight_smile:

Always enjoyed Wendell’s youtube chats when a suffering from a ‘tech addiction attack’ so I think this should be a good fit.

BTW my Asus P6T mobo is still running using the X5680 Xeon chip at a cool overclocked 4.56GHz as a daily internet driver…

Dropped in an LSI 9271-8i adapter card and did a RAID5 array on 4 Samsung 500GB SSDs to run at 2460GB/s throughput.

Squeaking every drop of performance before upgrading sometime later this year…

If you stick around long enough you actually learn a few things along the way. What’s not to like?

Wishing you all much success!



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Hi everyone! We are almost ready to migrate to the new platform. We’re expecting it to happen tomorrow, Wednesday April 27th. Due to time difference between the parties involved and time required for the actual migration, it would be safe to assume that the forum will not be accessible tomorrow.

The current domain will be operational a few days afterwards (hopefully, needs to be transfered after the migration) but we’ll link you to the new one manually in the interim.

Best regards,


Thanks for your hard work. Glad to join the new forum.



congratulations on moving to your new home! :grin: :grin: :grin: win-raid come on!


Thank you for the wish. Please remember that this is an English-only forum.

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yes!thanks for ur trans!I will trans my words into english in the future post.

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I can help with translations, if you need help translating then just @Aquavision me.

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Now both forums are still “out of sync” - old one not being updated anymore and this one (e.g. your Intel CSME thread) having very old entries.

Besides waiting after this weekend, is there any information you can give us on when these main threads will be updated?

thank you

Just like Dieter mentioned at the Welcome thread, I’ll first wait for any topic changes to migrate before further updating with current pending changes:

I’m of the opinion that it is better to wait a bit and do it properly, rather than rushing for no significant/important reason.


great job,thanks for keeping it alive!

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