Win10: BSOD after anniversary update, ICH9R set on raid and 850evo ssd

Modded+signed Intel RST drivers v11.2.0.1006 from here

Modded Intel AHCI and RAID Drivers (digitally signed)

This may seem a bit off topic but I assure you it’s not!
In your Event viewer are you seeing ERROR 10016
The reason I’m asking this is because my system was running Windows 10 perfectly until the Ann Up-date, after that I had BSOD repeatedly! I’ve done a considerable amount of reading & had 7 different MS techs remote my system ( Which I will NEVER do again ) & not one of them could complete the process of setting the COMM as described within several post! I’ve recently went back to 8.1 & now I’m experiencing the dreaded 8/8.1 Windows update freeze! Sad thing is now I’m considering yet another erase & revert back to Win 7 to end all the B.S.! Not related however good to know if Windows 8.1 update freezes install KB3013769 to motivate it, this is the first KB & probably not the last! So are you getting ERROR 10016

@razorbackpc :
This is what I recommend to do: Create a Win10 v1607 ISO file, where you had removed the in-box Intel RAID driver from the BOOT.WIM and INSTALL.WIM according >this< guide.
This way you are able to integrate or load the best driver for your Intel ICH9R SATA RAID Controller without the risk to get in collision with the in-box RAID driver v13.2.0.1022.

I also have the ICH9R and have just bought an 850EVO SSD. This supposedly simple upgrade has opened too many cans of worms (non-standard case and BIOS for starters) and I’ve done enough reading to make my head explode, so your help would be much appreciated Fernando.

Just discovered I’ve been running Win7 32 bit in IDE mode without AHCI for a long time because of those strange BIOS settings. Will need AHCI for the new SSD. I’ve downloaded your recommended modded driver version and installed the certificate.

I have the following controllers listed in device manager:

Intel(R) ICH9 Family 2 port Serial ATA Storage Controller 2 - 2926
Intel(R) ICH9R/DO/DH 4 port Serial ATA Storage Controller 1 - 2920

Questions: How can I update the driver when the system is running in IDE non AHCI mode and it says the best driver is already installed?

Can it be done in safe mode? I’d prefer to avoid BSOD which is what happened when I rebooted after changing the BIOS setting even though the right AHCI settings were in the Win7 registry.

Also, do I need to update both controllers or if only one, which one?

When I get it working, will the driver fully support the SSD in AHCI mode with TRIM etc.?

I read so many forums but I have to say, this one is exceptional. Thanks Fernando.

@Confused :
Welcome at Win-RAID Forum!

Although it is possible (but risky) to switch the Intel SATA Controller from IDE to AHCI mode from within a running OS, I do not recommend to try it.
My recommendation is to do a fresh install of the desired OS in AHCI mode onto your Samsung 850 EVO SSD. This way is much safer and will give you the benefit of a slim OS without garbage from the past.

If you really want to install a "wrong" (not matching) Intel AHCI driver for an Intel SATA Controller, which is running in IDE mode, you have to force the driver installation by using the "Let me pick…" > "Have Disk" options.

Yes, but it will not make any difference.

You have to update just the driver of the Intel SATA Controller, to which your system drive is connected. So you have to check this and to UNINSTALL the other listed Intel SATA Storage Controller.

Yes, if you really should succeed with your plans.
As I already stated above, I recommend a fresh OS install instead. Before you start it, don’t forget to save your important data from your current system drive.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

Thank you Dieter.

I need to move to a 64 bit operating system anyway because I have upgraded the RAM. The revised plan is to follow the procedure you recommend at post #23 above to put your modified driver into a USB stick with 64 bit Win10. Once installed on the SSD, I intend to run the old installation using Virtualbox.

Just a thought for anyone else who is determined, might the best and the safe way to achieve a change from IDE to AHCI in the earlier circumstances be to follow the above procedure with an identical image of the existing OS and install over the top in a non-destructive reinstall as per this guide?. The two versions have to be identical or you will get an error when trying to reinstall.

What do you think Dieter?

I do have one other question: my BIOS doesn’t have separate raid/ahci settings - it runs AHCI only when set to RAID. If I am running two drives but as single disks without setting up a RAID array, do I need to worry about the RAID ROM version in the BIOS to get TRIM etc. working? If so, how do I find out my version? If I may, I’d come back to you with what to do once I’ve got that far.

As I said, I recommend to do a fresh install of Win10 x64 and nothing else.

It would be much better to set the Intel SATA Controller to "AHCI" (provided, that the BIOS offers this option).
Which is the manufacturer and the exact name of your mainboard?

As long as the SSD is not a member of a RAID array, TRIM should be active within your SSD.

After having set the Intel SATA Controller to "RAID" mode, you can see the Intel RAID ROM version of your BIOS, when you hit CTRL+I while rebooting.

Agreed, but as I said this is not possible. It is a Dell XPS420 which comes with an Intel X38 mainboard.

Turns out the OROM is v. 7.6 and the SSD is not detected. The best I can find is v8.5.x - will that be OK?

@Confused :
The Intel RAID ROM versions 7.6 and v8.5 series belong to the outdated Intel Matrix Storage Manager (MSM). If you really want or have to run the SSD in RAID mode, you should try to update the Intel RAID ROM to an Intel RST module.
My tip: Take the Intel RAID ROM v10.1.0.1008 (not the best, but the safest option).

Thanks @Fernando.

My skills don’t extend to modding BIOS. I have come across one that has been modded to OROM version 8.5.

Is it safe to use or do I have to invest in a new computer if I want to use the SSD as the BIOS allows only IDE or RAID (AHCI works only when set to RAID)?

I am now running OROM 8.5. The driver listed in Device Manager says it is a Microsoft one for intel 2822 in Windows 10. Do I need to change this to the Intel v11.2.0.1006 or will the standard Win10 driver be enough?

@Confused :
1. If you don’t want to modify your mainboard BIOS, you can flash the BIOS, which contains the Intel RAID ROM v8.5.
2. Since the “downgrade” of the generic Win10 in-box Intel RST(e) RAID driver v13.2.0.1022 to any “classical” Intel RST driver like the v11.2.0.1006 is very risky and may end with a BSOD, I recommend to stick with the in-box driver.

Thanks Dieter for your help. It turns out that the driver was actually the right Intel driver 11.2.1006 which I had placed into the disk image following your instructions. There may have been a problem due to the wrong BIOS setting when clean installing WIn10. I booted to safe mode and the right driver was installed automatically.

So BIOS OROM v 8.5 seems to be running happily with RAID driver 11.2.1006. I couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks.