2021 is here - MegaRaid 9560-8i supports up to 24nvme


I’m new to the forum, and searched before posting… all I found was a post from 2018.

I have ordered a MegaRaid 9560-8i card that is supposedly capable of supporting 32 NVME drives.
I have ordered an Intel 8x 2.5" SSD cage that supports U2. It has 8 occulink connectors in the back.

The MegaRaid card has 1 connector on it: x8 SFF-8654

I was expecting to find an “octopus” style cable that would be SFF-8654 on one side, and 16x Occulink on the other side. I was wrong… All I found was… SFF-8654 to 2x Occulink.

It appears I’ll need some kind of expander, conveniently called “PCIe Switch”. Any idea of which PCIe Switch will allow me to connect my 9560-8i as well as my 8 x occulink connectors?

surprisingly, there is no way to reach anyone at Broadcom for support on such a pointy issue… Hopefully, someone has come up with a solution to this challenge…