2GB Quadro 600 BIOS

The Quadro 600 has 8x h5tq1g63dfr-11c memory chips (total of 1GB).
I was thinking I could replace the chips with h5tq2g63dfr-11c and bring the VRAM total up 2GB.

Would it be possible to modify the Quadro 600’s BIOS to 2GB of VRAM with the h5tq2g63dfr-11c chips instead of the h5tq1g63dfr-11c? Can the GF108-876-A1 work with this much RAM in this configuration?

I will upload a dump of the BIOS later if needed.

Bump, someone already uploaded the BIOS

@AAHC2012 @ket is the only person I know that may have knowledge in this area to help you
It may be fine to direct replace without any vBIOS edit, did you try?

Not yet. I’m getting a BGA rework station soon though. I’m not sure if the 1GB BIOS would work with 2GB since they never made any 2GB Quadro 600s.

@Lost_N_BIOS The vBIOS should support auto detection of the memory so that won’t be an issue as long as it is a memory type the vBIOS supports. Clock frequency for the memory might be limited by the pre-programmed timings in the vBIOS, Nibitor might be able to change them I’d have to dig around my old tools. In theory increasing the vRAM to 2GB shouldn’t be a problem however there might be stability issues depending on the Quadros memory controller and officially the card only ever had 1GB of vRAM, there might also be other issues. Worth a go if you are just looking for something to play with but there is potentially a lot of issues to overcome and some that simply may not be possible to overcome.

Thanks @ket ! I assumed it would be worth a try as-is, especially since the IC’s sound so similar and 1>>2GB is not big difference in timings like 2>>4Gb can be, if it fails then just put back old IC’s