750EVO and Z87 Stinger = Sata3 downgrading to Sata2 after some minutes...

Hello guys (Specially Fernando) . I have been struggling for 14 hours now… Any help will be much appreciated!

Just bought one brand new 750 EVO 250GB. But Im having issues with speeds! The Samsung Magician software is reporting that my SSD is connected to a Sata 2 port instead of Sata 3, after windows login (check imgs).
I tried the following steps, with no positive results:

1) Switching from Default to Gen3 in BIOS.
2) Installing Intel RAID tool, ME and chipset.
3) Switching to port1 and port0. Also switching cables!
4) Samsung OS optimization.

IMGs: http://imgur.com/a/F4z6a

OBS: For some reason i need to activate Intel Rapid Storage Technology. If I disable it, my Windows 10 boots with SATA2 specs for some reason.

SYS Specs: 8GB @ 1600 DDR3 ; Z87 Stinger EVGA ; i5-4690.

Thanks for anything useful…

@pgdm :
Welcome at Win-RAID Forum!

Which settings do you mean? What is "Gen3"?

Why did you install all of them, especially why the "Intel RAID tool" (whatever this may be)?

Where did you "activate" the Intel Rapid Storage Technology?

Dieter (alias Fernando)

SATA3 in EVGA’s language XD

Just to be sure. Removed Intel RAID tool when nothing changed…


Ty Dieter/Fernando!