7588 failed bios update

anyone have a backup of their dell g7 7588’s bios that i could snag? both the 1mb ut2 and the 16mb uh8 chips. mine got corrupted from a failed bios update and the system just runs the fans at the full speed. i tried someone’s g5 bios but it just doesn’t work properly. thanks for any help. i don’t have a lot of money right now but i could put out a 5 dollar bounty to anyone willing to disassemble their laptop and provide the bios dumps.

Here’s a dump sourced from this forum (credit goes to foulou0238)

DELL INSP 7588-LA-E994P.rar

thanks that worked. seems i might have a preproduction engineering sample dell g7. the bios labels it as a dell g5 5587 but it has a cpu that both hwinfo and cpu-z identified it as a QP87 cpu. after flashing the listed bios i used dell’s update tool and it worked perfectly. and the cpu and gpu work perfectly.

Great! Glad to hear you fixed it.

Thanks for reporting back.