950 Pro low IOPS

I installed my new 950 Pro 512 Mb, clean installed Win 10, updated RST drivers, Samsung drivers, and all others. Followed the suggestions to boost performance as in Fernando’s thread, cleaned, optimized and everything else. Enabled over provisioning.
Now I get very high speed (more than 2500/1500 as should it be), but 170000 IOPS (read) instead of 300000. What can affect that performance?

@gpvecchi :
Please run Anvil’s Storage Utilities and post the screenshot with the benchmark results.

@gpvecchi :
The benchmark results you got with your 512 GB Samsung 950 Pro SSD are brilliant.
Look at the results I recently got with my Z170 system running the 256 GB model of Samsung’s 950 Pro:


Thanks, I found around that someone asked Samsung about the same, the answer was that Magician actually uses one thread, so IOPS are low. They are working on a multi-thread update.

@gpvecchi :
What has the performance of a Samsung SSD to do with Samsung’s tool named Magician?

950 Pro 512 Mb is given for 300000 IOPS in reading; if it scores the half is because the benchmark app (like Magician and Anvil) use just 1 thread. So, results are incorrect.

Both statements do not really match, because I doubt, that all benchmark tools have this bug.
Either Samsung’s Magician is faulty, then other benchmark tools should work correctly, or the Samsung 950 SSD is faulty, then an update of Samsung’s Magician will not solve the problem.

They specifically said to use Crystal Disk Mark or convert random read into IOPS