A newer version of the Intel Rapid Storage driver has been detected.

I had Intel RST 17x installed. But changed the motherboard and now I need RST 14x.

I cannot install it: A newer version of the Intel Rapid Storage driver has been detected.

I uninstalled the 17x driver, clean Windows folder from all files from it, remove all Intel programs and drivers, clean C:\Users\AppData\Local\Temp… Manually installed 14x driver. But still cannot install SetupRST.exe - A newer version of the Intel Rapid Storage driver has been detected…

I attached my logs files, maybe somebody can help me with that.

Why the RST see that I have a newer version if I clean everything from my previous installation?


IntelRST.txt (58.5 KB)

IntelRST_MSI.txt (177 KB)

@sf1 : Welcome to the Win-RAID Forum!
To be able to help you I need the following information:
1. Which mainboard/chipset and which Operating System are you using?
2. Is your Intel SATA Controller running in AHCI or RAID mode?
3. Did you uninstall the previously running Intel RST Software from within the Control Panel before you ran the SetupRST.exe file of another Intel RST Drivers & Software Set?
4. Why did you put the desired Intel RST Drivers & Software Set onto the Desktop of your system (the path is too long!).
5. Did you install any tool, which checks whether there is a newer driver for your hardware available?
6. Why did you try to get the complete Intel RST Software installed instead of to simply change the in-use Intel RST driver manually from within the Device Manager?

Why? And why did you additionally install the related Intel RST Software?

You cannot remove all traces of an earlier installation without cleaning the registry. If you try to remove manually a previously in-use storage driver you risk an unbootable system. Only the software, but not the driver should be manually uninstalled by the user.
Dieter (alias Fernando)

Using a registry cleaner etc may not solve it
You should have clean installed your os after motherboard replacement.simpler&better

  1. X99, Win 10
    2. RAID
    3. Yes, I uninstall everything.
    5. Yes. The new version of 14x is available. But I cannot install it because I had 17x for Z390 motherboard.
    6. I need it to configure the SSD cache for my RAID1.

    Any idea where SetupRST checks if there is a new version? Somewhere in the register, but I cannot find it.

@sf1 :

The Installer of an Intel RST Drivers & Software Set doesn’t search in the internet for a newer driver version, but it checks
a) the HardwareIDs of the on-board Intel SATA RAID Controller,
b) the version of the in-use Intel RAID BIOS module (which is it?),
c) the version of the currently in-use Intel RAID driver (in your case: v17.x.x.xxxx),
b) the Win10 in-box Intel RAID driver, which is v15.44.0.xxxx
and compares these information with its own version (in your case: v14.x.x.xxxx).

Maybe the Installer came to the conclusion, that a v14 platform driver will not work properly with your system. This would be indeed correct, if the Intel RAID OROM/EFI RaidDriver of the BIOS belongs to a higher platform than the Intel RAID driver, which is within the related Intel RST Drivers & Software Set…