A question about dual boot - SSD PCIe or SS SATA

Hi Dieter,
Congratulations on your website.
It is an excellent idea.
I am committed to improving the speed of my PC and I is not proving as easy as it seemed to me in principle.
But first of all I would like to ask a question:
Years ago my PC using multiple interchangeable HD, each of these discs have installed an OS and various applications in each.
PC is installed in a box that supports interchangeable chassis (cold).
When I want to use another OS with its set of applications, insert a disc, turn on the PC and have the PC running the OS and all applications ready.
It has the drawback that each change has to turn off the PC, but the whole OS and application support are safer and less risky to make such application testing.
I recently bought a PCIe SSD and I have a question.
It would be possible to choose at boot the PC, if you want to boot from the SSD PCIe or for example a SATA SSD drive connected.
What about dual ranque found it all refers to a single disc, but on this particular case I find nothing.
Do you think that will be what I want?
Any idea where to start ?.

Very thankful.

@ ACrab:
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It should be no problem to create a dual-boot system with 2 different Operating Systems on a SATA and a PCIe SSD (precondition: the BIOS supports the booting off the PCIe SSD). The UEFI mode (GPT) boot sector has to be on one of them.
What is your problem?

Greeting from SE corner of bull skin!