A request to BIOS modding

Please help me to add support of CPU to my MB. I have MSI A68HI AC motherboard (model E7969AMS BIOS V.1.4). This MB not support with CPU AMD A8-7680 ( ID/MicroCode 660F01/600611a ). Please help me with add support this CPU by BIOS.
I tried using BIOS E7721AMS V.8.5 from MSI A68HM-E33-v2 motherboard. ( I have CH341A Flash Programmer ). The CPU works well but does not work onboard USB 3.0 hub VIA \ VLi 806-Q4 and the system does not shut down correctly. I mean the motherboard is compatible with AMD A8-7680 CPU and need to support this CPU in the BIOS.
Link to original BIOS of MSI A68HI AC
Link to BIOS from MSI A68HM-E33-v2

I hope for your help.
Best regards, Sergey.

@RiCo97 - The BIOS you linked (original BIOS) already has latest microcode for the CPU you mentioned, and the stock BIOS already has this CPUID in there as well so should have already been compatible.
Something else is stopping that CPU from working on this board, maybe Agesa needs updated, or some block/allow list is in place etc. This is not something I can help with, sorry

It’s a new processor. Carrizo with APU. Original bios not have Carrizo OROM.
We try to add this OROM and update CPU MicroCode via UBU utility. Does not work :frowning: Maybe need to use another tool/programm.