a silly question on ASM1061-based pci-e-card

of course I’ve tried to find out with google but this device seems a little bit week in resonance out there.

My problem is that I’m using SCSI so the splash screen in boot is deleted for a scsi disk list presented at boot time. Afterwards the additional S-ata device shows up it’s boot message but since the os start message appears directly after that it is deleted only less than two seconds after appearing. So my problem is really simple but also annoying: I can’t see the messages of the s-ata-adaptor and therefor I don’t know how to call the setup of this bios. I’ve tried to use some often-found hot keys but this didn’t work yet. So can anyone help me?

I know this is not really the correct forum for this question and I back your pardon for annoying you but I haven’t found any information elsewhere and this special devcice seems not to be well-known in the whole net.

The device is used-bought (as all I have) and there was no description with it. There is no name of card manufacturer on the card so I don’t know which card this could be.

greetings and many thanks for all information you can tell me


Hello Manni,

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If you want to see and read the fllashing-up Option ROM boot screens, you have to choose the related settings within the BOOT section of the BIOS. You should disable "Fast Boot", enable "CSM" and the "Option ROM Messages".

Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

thanks for this suggestions. Fast Boot is known, but the others … Do you know what ‘CSM’ means? Possibly this is written in full words in my BIOS. The ‘option ROM messages’ option doesn’t exist in this BIOS I’m sure.



CSM means "Compatibility Support Module".

CSM is for UEFI-BIOSes or not? I’m using a motherboard only with ROM-BIOS, no UEFI. The SCSI-ROM-BIOS extension works fine so the settings are mostly correct I think the only problem is that the SCSI-BIOS-extension deletes all the screen before and after it’s own presentation. So the other ROM-BIOS-extension is a litle bit in a fix of the SCSI-ROM-BIOS in front and the boot-screen of the OS afterwards. I can see it is shown but it is only a part of a second so I can’t read anything.



@ Manni:

There should be a shortcut key to get the messages of the s-ata-adapter visible while booting. Ask the manufacturer.

I’ve experienced this myself using different hardware with a clone AsMedia card

you have several options after updating the cards firmware/drivers (backup cards existing firmware before upgrading)


1. while powering on booting, repeatedly press the ASMedia cards bios keys (i forget what they are)
you can usually access the card this way as it loads up the keyboard buffer so the asmedia card
sees the bios key as soon as it’s ready

Note: to see/find the ASMedia card bios key, temporarily remove the scsi card, or disable the scsi bios and boot

2. see if your bios has a IDE Boot delay switch IE- delay IDE (not SCSI) drive boot. it may be called Hard Drive timeout

3. configure the ASMedia card with scsi disabled then enable SCSI and live without a simple key access for the card
and note the keys to activate the bios