About BIOS Modding and Repair

I have a general question and in need of guidance.

I finished reading the guides and preparation of Fernando’s BIOS modding tutorial. After reading it and preparing the materials that I need, I was curious of some technicians who repair corrupted BIOS.

How does someone repair it. Some forum members help me. But their procedure is different
They always need the SNID, Product Model, PCB or Motherboard Code and the BIOS dump of my defective laptop.

I saved the corrupted BIOS of that laptop using RT809F. But I was curious how they repair it.

How can they know if it is AMI, Intel, etc. kind of BIOS without asking me, also they repaired the BIOS file which I sent to them with it’s original Product ID of Windows.
They don’t send me BIOS dump of someone or some BIOS Dump that can be download in some websites which will not work.

Fellow leaders and BIOS experts guide me.

@anthrax0987 :
Welcome at Win-RAID Forum!

Why haven’t you directly addressed your request to the Forum members, who obviously helped you privately, that means outside the public Forum?

Dieter (alias Fernando)

I mean forums of here in our country a group of Technicians. They just helped me to fix that corrupted BIOS dump. but they have no tutorials how they fix it like the one that you provide .

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@anthrax0987 :
We only write guides about procedures, which really can easily be done by "normal" PC users, but we do not write tutorials for Technicians.