about buffalo is model: WS-WV2.0TL/R1 => help me!!!!

about buffalo is model: WS-WV2.0TL/R1 => help me!!!

I had buffalo TERASTATION model: WS-WV2.0TL / R1
LINK: http://buffalo.jp/product/hdd/pro-network/ws-wvl_r1/
current status:
_ It lost the OS.
_ It just boot in the bios boot mode, here I do not see the function of hard disk RAID configuration.
_man TERASTATION form the “boot fail”
=> I use windows storage server 2008 r2 essentials usb to install but does not install os because no driver raid.
=> Please give me admin raid drivers of buffalo TERASTATION model: WS-WV2.0TL / R1

Thank you!

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Which sort of RAID driver do you need?
Who is the manufacturer of your onboard RAID Controller and which model is it?
By the way:
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Dieter (alias Fernando)

This system is Intel Atom based, but I can’t find more information about it…
Support site

If I were you, I would install CentOS on that thing. Windows-driven NAS… WTF Buffalo?


It’s not RAID at the chip level or even “Intel FakeRAID”. It’s RAID at the Windows level, thus no need for drivers.

Provided your previous attempt hasn’t writed much on the HDDs, you might want to try to recover the files that are on your NAS. If so, I suggest UFS Explorer (http://www.ufsexplorer.com/) or R-Studio (http://www.r-studio.com/).

If you want to reinstall :
.Remove the HDD in bay 2 (http://manual.buffalo.jp/buf-doc/35020114-01_EN.pdf)
.Understand the fact that all data on the HDD in bay 1 wil be erased (which is why a prior recovery might be desirable)
.Use the USB device shipped your unit (SD Card / USB Adapter) to reinstall, after putting the Boot Switch on the rear panel to USB
.See http://manual.buffalo.jp/buf-doc/35012011-03_EN.pdf (page 2, “Windows Storage Server Recovery Procedure”) for the rest of the install