About order on SATA ports

I have a simple question…
It is necessary to put in order my HHDs and use SATA I port instead of SATA 6 port, for example?
I have all my HDDs / DVD on SATA ports 3 to 6, and 1&2 are free.
Can it significant on lost of performance?

The bootable SSD/HDD (with the OS and the boot sector on it) should be connected to the first SATA port, which is offered by the chipset (usually named "port0").

In this case, the bootable SSD is NVMe over PCIe.
All the rest are HDD for storage and CD/DVD writer. All on SATA 3-SATA6 ports (because of physical orientation).

@snowind :
AFAIK the order of the in-use SATA3 ports for not bootable storage HDDs/SSDs doesn’t matter. It may have an impact on the disk drive letters given by the OS, but this can be manually changed by the user at any time.