"Above 4G" Costume Rom for Gigabyte G1 Sniper A88X Rev.3.0


I looking for the Rom to enable "Above 4G) and rezise.
Some Time ago Gigabyte did furnish me one Bios (version 12c) and the system worked fine with Above 4g and rezise. cause of a powerfailure the board burned incl. may powersupplies. i did organise the same board and put my system back together. unfortunate gigabyte seems to unable to resend me the bios i got from them cause of no documentation on there side. all the could send me was the version 12a.

When someone could mod the rom to get my system back running it would be very helpfull

Thxs in advance

Bios is here Sniper88.12a

As of currently no one has figured out how to add 4G decoding if it doesn’t exist.

Many Haswell motherboards (except Z97) also have this problem and no one has figured it out

I notice, but Gigabyte did provided me with a working bios some years ago. the are just unable to find it anymore. Gigabyte says its to old and the have no documentation and backup´s of all furnished Bios Versions. i think somewhere someone still have one copie somehow of this biosversion i need.


you could get a bios reprogrammer and dump the bios from the bad motherboard.

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a Friend of my have that, he tryt and sayt on the board some elcos are shoot and the bioschip is damaged cause of it. that was the reason i open this threat.

Hopefullysomeone still have that bios,

Hello @Moanaiti ,

The board has two bios chips. Main and Backup.